Speakers to look out for at O’Cannabiz Expo coming to Toronto this April

Published Apr 2, 2019 10:32 a.m. ET
Canadian Press, Chris Young

Whether or not you will be in attendance the happenings at this year's O'Cannabiz Expo in downtown Toronto Ontario will be the first of its kind now that marijuana legalization is in full force across Canada. The awards that are given are meant to honor our most valuable members of the cannabis industry, and the connections that will be made during the conference will shape the future of marijuana into the coming years. If you are hoping to get yourself a seat, or have already managed a ticket, then there will be at least a few speakers we highly recommend you check out during your visit. Here are the top ten most notable speakers to appear at the 2019 O’Cannabiz Expo.

1. Henry Rollins

Henry is an actor, writer, television host, musician, comedian, radio host, and motivational speaker, who is well known for his political opinions and humor.

2. Jacqui Childs

Jacqui is a successful social media influencer, mother, writer, and activist. With well over 2 million followers on Facebook alone, Childs works with over 30 different social service agencies and helps to raise awareness on social media platforms.

3. Montel Williams

Montel is one of the most popular speakers that will be making an appearance for the third time this year as a featured speaker, and honored member of the cannabis industry. Williams is the founder of LenitivScientific, a veteran, an engineer and talk show host who speaks from his personal experiences using medical marijuana to stave off the debilitating symptoms of multiple sclerosis.

4. Ricki Lake

Ricki is an actress on Weed the People, dancer, producer, filmmaker, and naturopathic enthusiast. She advocates heavily for women's issues, cannabis research, and legalization.

5. Steve Deangelo

World famous Steve Deangelo is the President and co-founder of ArcView Group, and a major contributor to the cannabis industry that we all know and love today. Deangelo is a lifelong political activist and played an important role in the marijuana reform movement.

6. Krishna Andavolu


Krishna is the executive producer and host of Weediquette on Vice Media which chronicles the politics, economics, culture, and etiquette of marijuana.

7. Mike Abbott

Mike Abot is the president and co-founder of CannTx, an engineer, software designer, biochemistry specialist, and an active advocate for cannabis jobs within the industry.

8. Narbe Alexandrian

Narbe Alexandrian is the current president of Canopy Rivers, and before taking this position, he was the senior strategy manager for Telus Corp. Alexandrian is now the lead of corporate development and manages all the finite details of his company himself. Narbe is a significant contributor to the cannabis industry, creating a total of 6000 cannabis jobs within his first year as head of operations.  

9. Michelle Arbus

Michelle is the head of VP research at Strainpoint Technologies and a long-time veteran of cannabis research and technology development. Her specialty is data analysis, and Arbus has taken her numbers to the Ministry of Health to consult with government officials on marijuana use, tobacco use and immunizations among youth.

10. Emma Baron

Founder of Milkweed which is a Canadian based company that makes cannabis infused goods and other all-natural products. Her company’s focus is on sustainability and environmental impact. Baron takes every step that is physically possible to create an affordable product that doesn’t adversely affect the planet. She is a long-time marijuana advocate and has produced over 2000 cannabis jobs within her primary location.

The speakers listed here will all be granted their own time slots over the two-day event, so be sure to check their scheduled times before you buy a ticket. Also remember that cannabis is not allowed inside of the venue in any form outside of registered participants, and no marijuana products will be sold on the premises, so leave your stash at home where it’s safe.



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