Shoppers Drug Mart Canada to sell medical marijuana

Published Mar 16, 2019 10:14 a.m. ET

 Marijuana news in Canada has been hustling since legalization began in October of 2017. Since then, most of the country has sat in silence patiently awaiting the promised roll-out of dispensaries. With some like those who live in Ontario, having no legal access to marijuana outside of the official OCS (Ontario Cannabis Store) website, many rejoiced at the idea of their local drug store getting in on the action. Shoppers Drug Mart has been trying to work their way into the cannabis market since before legalization took place, back when the only form of cannabis that was legal was for those who sought treatment with a medical license.

Licensing acquired

On December 8, 2018, Shoppers Drug Mart announced that they had obtained a license to sell medical cannabis online. On October 9, 2018, Health Canada updated their official list of authorized sellers and producers to include Shoppers Drug Mart online. A brand-new website that was just launched by Shoppers Canada states that any patient with a valid medical license will be able to buy medical cannabis online at the same time as they do their regular online medical shopping for over the counter products. This seems to imply that Shoppers will also be delivering medical pot products which are expected to positively impact seniors the most. Particularly those with mobility issues who may not be able to get to a physical location to shop in person.  

When will shoppers Shoppers Drug Mart Open online?


The spokesperson for Shoppers Drug Mart Online has released a statement saying that it is too soon to predict when customers will be able to start placing orders, and that technical issues have arisen and slowed the process down considerably. Some rumors are pointing to the cannabis shortage our country appears to be facing, while others shake their heads knowing the black market is still thriving shortage free. When asked who their suppliers would be Shoppers said that they have absolutely no interest in growing cannabis and that they have partnered with a well-established company called Aurora Cannabis that will be providing them will all their product at least at first.

Manulife partners with Shoppers Drug Mart

One of the most exciting things that this transaction has brought to light is the partnering of a large insurance company Manulife to offer affordable coverage that will help those who have been approved for medical marijuana with full drug coverage. They have also said that anyone who obtains coverage through Manulife for their medical cannabis will also be able to have a private consultation with a Shoppers pharmacist that has been educated on various strains, ailments and the effectiveness of it all. This can help those who feel like they are blindly medicating themselves find something that works for them free of charge. The program will be open to the public for a small fee and be offered to Manulife customers on an optional basis. Other insurance companies have promised future options that include healthcare coverage, but none are comparable to the close connections Manulife has made to make access to effective treatment for their clients as comfortable as possible.



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