More cannabis cafes are opening in the US and more to come in Canada

Published Jun 14, 2019 11:03 a.m. ET
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Cannabis cafes are places, more like business shops where people go to smoke vape and even eat cannabis edibles. In the United States, there are not many places where cannabis users can smoke it publicly despite the legalization of cannabis in many States.

The Barbary Coast Lounge is one of the few legal cafes where people can consume cannabis. Each State has its own rules regarding cannabis consumption. Cannabis consumption is prohibited in public in many States. As a result, cannabis cannot be bought and used in the same place. In Seattle, you can always buy cannabis legally, but it is harder to consume it unless you own a home for yourself.

Similarly, in Canada, many local governments have banned the public consumption of cannabis. Some cities have restrictions as to the public areas that cannabis can be consumed. Furthermore, cannabis use has been increased on a large scale, and so more consumers will need a place to enjoy and consume their weed.

There are marijuana dispensaries where people can purchase the weed. Cannabis smokers can also purchase cannabis tools and paraphilia at a head shop. However, a marijuana dispensary or head shop is not adequate to tackle the real problem of consumption by consumers.

Lawmakers have proposed and tried to make rules to allow more cannabis cafes to be in place to allow just about anyone who wants to consume cannabis to do so in a friendly and social manner. Many county commissioners in Nevada has inspected other cafes in San Francisco to see how they operate. San Francisco has the most cannabis cafes.

The government of Massachusetts is forming a partnership with other cities to establish cannabis lounges and cafes. Also, in Oregon, legislators are aiming at changing the laws to enable cannabis cafes to be opened. State law requires cannabis to be smoked privately.

Therefore, tourists and people who do not own their own houses, but rents are prevented from smoking their weed. Hotels and rent buildings do not allow smoking.


On the other hand, the legalization bill proposed by New Jersey allows cannabis users to create their own social space to smoke cannabis. It would also seek to allow hotels to have at most twenty (20) of their rooms conducive and suitable for cannabis users. This is a good initiative that will accommodate cannabis tourists to feel comfortable in their own space.

Additionally, legislators have started the process of making the land laws flexible for people who want to open cannabis cafes in Calgary, Canada.

West Hollywood, a city in Los Angeles, has amended its laws to allow the consumption of cannabis in cafes and lounges. Although there is some distinction as to the type of cannabis use allowed in the cafes, some cafes only allow edibles to be consumed while others allow vaping, smoking as well as edibles. West Hollywood also allows cannabis foods to be a part of the menu offered in the cafes.

This shows even more that cannabis cafe is a business and so it will create cannabis jobs. It will also generate income. As time progresses more and more cannabis cafes and lounges will surely emerge in Canada.

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