Inhalers may be coming to the medical marijuana industry

Published Jun 12, 2019 10:02 a.m. ET
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Marijuana use has amazing qualities to help numerous health conditions. The delivery of this medicine has many methods, who for some, smoking is not the best due to health conditions. Currently, in Israel, clinical trials are underway for those that can benefit from cannabis inhalers.

The difference between traditional inhalers for respiratory conditions and the marijuana inhaler is the allowance for patients to have their ideal dosage of medical marijuana through a marijuana vape attached to the inhaler. This method allows the patient to customize their dosage of cannabis extract or concentrate which the patient can then inhale. This method will ensure that the patient is getting the amount of medical marijuana that is needed, not a pre-dose of medication that the current type of inhalers provides.

The efficiency of the marijuana vape that is attached to the inhaler will allow quick and fast acting relief and will help to improve the patients’ over-all well-being.

Rafa Pharmaceuticals will be promoting and marketing the inhalers in Israel. Panaxia Pharmaceutical, the second collaborator in the inhalers, have decided to market their cannabis inhalers under the Rafa Pharmaceutical brand.

It is expected that the inhalers could be ready for the market sometime this year in Israel. A medical prescription or at least a recommendation will be needed. The Israeli public can look forward to the medicinal qualities of cannabis helping through a marijuana vape for their debilitating health conditions.

The Syqe Inhaler is a pocket-sized cannabis inhaler with selective-dose abilities. The company plans to drive medical marijuana and other botanicals into mainstream medical drug use. The Syqe Inhaler is aimed at providing the balance between relief of symptoms and helping to regain the quality of life the patient may have lost. The unit will be presented with preloaded cartridges that are childproof, and the marijuana will have no chemicals or added excipients. The metered-dose delivery will provide selective dosing.

Perry Davidson, the creator of The Syqe Inhaler, has invested millions of dollars and seven years of his time developing this technology. Davidson co-founded the first cannabis company in Israel. The stigma of the cannabis plant is lessening; the realization that the cannabis plant has many medical therapeutic qualities is coming to be.


This companies’ inhaler has been utilized in hospitals since 2015 and is now distributed by Teva Pharmaceutical. The Teva Pharmaceutical Company has set its sight on the international market, Europe, the United States, and Canada are in their plans.

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It is expected that as the cannabis plant transforms into a pharmaceutical product, the stigma surrounding the use of the plant will diminish. Acceptance is here and growing.

CBD inhalers are surging forward in the cannabis medical market. CBD Luxe has introduced an inhaler that provides relief from pain and muscle aches without the psychoactive effects of the other main component of cannabis, THC.

Each inhaler that CBD Luxe produces contains 1100mg of micellized CBD. This allows the CBD to be evenly distributed, providing the comfort of knowing each dose is the same.

The company has four different CBD inhalers on the market, each directed at helping to achieve different experiences. CBD Luxeis proud to deliver a full spectrum hemp oil that provides over 200 doses in each unit.

Inhalers are at the forefront of administering cannabis medication to the public in a manner that provides safe and accurate dosing. CBD inhalers can be used to treat numerous conditions, not only isolated to respiratory ailments.



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