Hemp Horizons now offers Ayurveda-licensed medical products

Published Aug 16, 2020 09:00 a.m. ET
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Medicinal and industrial uses of hemp are too numerous to put all of the attributes to pen and paper as they say. Kartikey Dadoo, Kanishk Yadav, and Rohit Shah saw the value that the plant possesses and formed the company Hemp Horizons in 2017. Their vision went further than hemp seeds and hemp oil, as the company hoped to expand to include Ayurveda in the medicinal applications available.

Hemp Horizons saw the benefit of hemp, hemp oil, and hemp seeds. A vision of the company was to take this knowledge back to the people and educate them about the uses and benefits of the Sativa hemp plant. The goal was to offer people a line of organic products that would give a better, wholesome, and balanced nourishment to their daily lives. Their Indian ancestors loved the benefits obtained from the use of Sativa (Hemp), and so do the founders of this company.

Dedication is at the forefront of the beliefs that this company displays. The ancestors' eating habits dating back to the days of Vedic Age are encrypted in the beliefs of this Indian company. Through their journey to discover the ancestors' eating habits, one of the mentioned five sacred plants in the Vedas was unveiled, and it is cannabis or what is commonly referred to in Indian as bhang. Hemp Horizons is proud to be India's first and leading hemp seed processor.

Hemp seeds have numerous uses today; they are not only using hemp seeds industrially but also in the health food industry. The hemp seeds are super rich in omega fatty acids and protein while delivering a delicious nutty flavour.  Nine essential amino acids within the twenty amino acids available in particular foods are from the hemp plant. The plant-based protein is easily digested and is a favourite for vegan, vegetarian, and sensitive stomachs.

There are two main types of protein, edestin, and albumin. The amino acid profiled from the hemp seeds indicates that there is a presence of GLA. GLA is known to assist with inflammation, cholesterol balancing, hormones, and managing general heart health concerns.

Why is Ayurvedic teaming up with Hemp Horizons?

Ayurvedic medicine comes with a rich history, as it is a system of alternative medicine with deep roots in the Indian subcontinent. It has roots drenched in the belief that medical doctors do not have the power to heal, and instead, the theory is that one heals oneself through nature. To reap the benefits that are suggested from this practice requires extreme effort, support, and thought.


This practice has had a spotlight shone in its direction thanks to celebrities like Oprah Winfrey and Deepak Chopra, who have chosen to popularize the exercise of an Ayurvedic lifestyle. To put the definition of this ancient system into simple terms, perhaps it is best summed up as one of the world's oldest holistic healing systems. This system was developed in India more than 3000 years ago.

The belief of wellness and healthy relationships depends on the delicate balance that exists between the body, mind, and spirit.  The goal is not to fight disease but to promote good overall health. Those who do practice the Ayurveda lifestyle know and believe that each person has five basic elements in their makeup, including:

  • Space
  • Fire
  • Air
  • Water
  • Earth

Hemp Horizon has chosen to be a company that promotes itself through ancient native cultural beliefs. The knowledge provided by the ancestors is being kept alive through the endeavors of this Indian owned company. The incorporation of products derived from ancient practices has perhaps taken Hemp Horizon to the next level to promote ancient cultural lifestyles.

Last words

Sometimes, the past is the perfect indicator of the future. Has Hemp Horizon found the secret to a healthy lifestyle? Have hemp products and Indian ancestors found the ancient practices profitable not only financially but health-wise too?

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