CBD taking off in New Orleans, they may get legalization soon

Published Jun 16, 2019 10:47 a.m. ET
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New Orleans is known for music and parades and is also one of the only US cities that allows you to walk the streets with an open container of your preferred alcoholic beverage.

Cannabis has not reached that status yet, but marijuana legalization could make it possible in the near future. In the deep southern states, legalization for marijuana products is not there yet. You can, however, be offered a joint or perhaps an edible while you are walking around enjoying the music and alcohol on Frenchmen street that will not contain THC. While in the French quarter you will be delighted by visiting the Vieux Carre CBD, this storefront cannabis dispensary provides CBD products including CBD oil, to assist with pain and other medical issues.

If you are looking for the THC psychoactive ingredient to be in your joint or edible, you'll have to look elsewhere, it is not legal and will not be available for you to purchase.

Currently the dispensing of CBD products, including CBD oil, remains in a legal grey area. Michael Cheek, owner and local chef/restauranteur of Vieux Carré CBD has spoken with lawyers and feels that presently, he is operating his business in an area where there are no laws about CBD, so answering legal questions around the issue of the CBD serving dispensaries remains uncharted.

The 2018 Farm Bill passing, which graciously lifted the ban on the cultivation of hemp production did potentially start the walk to having CBD state, and federally regulated. The passing of this long-awaited law also allowed other cannabis-based business to flourish. Weed World Candiesis a mobile company whose vans can be seen driving the streets distributing edibles. They do, however, forget to mention that they are CBD derived, not THC the psychoactive compound found in the marijuana plant.

Legalization of marijuana in New Orleans and Louisiana began the process by taking very small steps to normalize the use of cannabis. The city council passed an ordinance that decriminalized cannabis possession with-in the city limits. Shortly after that approval, certain non-inhaled medical marijuana products would be available for the public to use legally. This operation saw the opening of eight dispensaries and 8,000 medical consumers who applied for the licensing. Sad to say those patients are still waiting for the approval today.


The legalization movement in Louisiana is moving forward. Seventy nine percent of the residents are for supporting the legalization of medical marijuana. There seems to be a concern that taking this action will negatively affect the sales of alcohol in a region that is known as one of the biggest drinking markets.

There are residents and business owners who feel that it is just not an issue; the addition of cannabis as a legal business can improve the economy.

The work is on-going to have legalized cannabis, which the hope is that it will then include high CBD content being legal. The vision is that it will lead the road to psychoactive THC strains being included. Currently, the proposed bill would legalize strains that contain 0.3% THC sold only to customers over the age of 21. There is a proposed tax of 15% on each product sold.

There are ways to go for the legalization of the cannabis plant use in the south, as Michael Cheek, owner of the Vieux Carré CBD states he has visions that 2020 will be the year for recreational marijuana use to be legal.



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