Cannabis enthusiasts growing frustrated with lack of access to legal products in Canada

Published Oct 17, 2019 09:00 a.m. ET
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There is an ever-growing number of Canadians who are feeling cheated by marijuana legalization, and so far, most have gotten creative in seeking alternative options. In regions with a bustling cannabis industry, the main driving factors are unique products that are difficult to make, and without regulated and licensed suppliers, the market is waning and doing nowhere near as well as analysts had initially predicted.

Though there has remained a promise from the federal government to improve upon the current system by slowly expanding the available products under heavy regulations, the result is tasteless and unappealing, as products are taking way too long to make it onto marijuana dispensary shelves. With trends like dabbing and vaping spreading like wildfire and with no suitable legitimate options like THC vape juice or cannabis concentrates, the black market is picking up the slack, which leaves customers with mislabeled and possibly contaminated goods to choose from alongside a risk of fines.

How Canadians are tackling the problem

There has always been a heavy presence of black-market dispensaries in Canada, but since legalization, the number of illegal locations is increasing exponentially, with advertisers like Weedmaps working as a driving force to connect interested consumers with vendors. Now, for those who used cannabis products prior to legalization, it might not seem like a bad idea to get the goods from wherever you can, but new customers who are only considering marijuana as an option due to legality are seeking other more reliable alternatives.

1. Learning how to make edibles
It might sound like a daunting challenge at first, but with edibles quickly becoming the most popular method of ingestion, particularly among non-smokers, learning how to make your own ingredients for infusion can save money, while offering the assurance of quality and potency. Cannabutter and cannabis cooking oil are two of the easiest options to make at home with the added bonus of a fair shelf life for long term storage.

2. Investing in a THC vape juice kit
Vaping is now what smoking once was, with consumers all over the globe tossing away their carcinogen filled cigarettes in exchange for a healthier option that doesn’t have to be bought from the store. There are now several high qualities, easy to use THC vape juice kits that require no more than some fresh buds or marijuana concentrates.


3. Growing marijuana plants
We hear a lot about the more concentrated products that have yet to make an appearance on cannabis dispensary shelves, but what most don’t realize is that consumers are also having difficulty finding certain strains that have been recommended to them for a specific purpose. Whether you need a high functioning weed strain that will help to improve focus and concentration, or an intensely potent sedative that will melt away pains and nausea, this kind of product can make a world of difference in the success of a treatment.

Since the federal government has chosen to highly restrict which producers are able to enter the market legally, there are very few strains out there to pick from at licensed cannabis dispensaries. The solution to this problem starts at a seed bank and can result in a massive and robust crop that is chemical and fertilizer free. With technology being what it is today, customers even have the option of starter kits and auto flowering strains to simplify the process into something manageable and legal for every Canadian to do.

4. Make a rosin press
We had written briefly on the latest trend of dabbing, which is essentially another form of vaping without the electrical components and additives. This method of ingestion does not work with fresh cannabis flowers and can only be performed with marijuana concentrates like BHO, shatter, wax or rosin. Though most concentrated pot products require several steps to process, a rosin press needs no solvents and very little time. The best part is that rosin can be smoked, vaped, dabbed or combined into your favorite recipes to instantly turn a dish into deliciously potent edibles, at a fraction of the cost, making it an excellent option for almost all cannabis enthusiasts.

5. Other processing kits
The consumers that have been left in the cold the longest are the ones who require higher doses of cannabinoids, but luckily, there are plenty of options to choose from, that can help you to avoid the wait for the soon to be released bland selection of edibles and concentrates. There are budder machines, THC gummy makers and other cannabis processing kits for dabbing products like shatter, oil or hash. All of which are made to provide an easy step by step process for everyone from beginner level to expert.

The ultimate guide to cannabis edibles


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