C-45 Quality Summit: The Slow Burn

Published Apr 1, 2021 12:00 p.m. ET
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The C-45 Quality Summit virtual edition is the perfect opportunity for both Canadian cannabis industry professionals as well as those who are looking to break into the green space to collaborate, network, present, learn, and share ideas that will help to evolve expectations and shape industry standards for the future.

Bonus features

Since this year’s summit is going virtual, there are quite a few new benefits and features that have never before been offered, all carefully designed, planned and selected to provide attendees with the most engaging and immersive experience possible:

  • Lower cost than traditional in-person events

  • More than 200 digital exhibitors to explore

  • Networking rooms including both dedicated and themed options

  • All participating exhibitors will have access to a professional video
    production team

  • Round table discussions with industry experts in virtual rooms

  • Live Q&A sessions

  • Strike up conversations with fellow guests using integrated technology

  • The event will be available in both live stream and watch later formats so that you don’t have to miss a thing

  • All slides and PowerPoints used during the event will be made available for guests to view once it’s all over


  • Jodi McDonald – Founder of Keystone Labs and a biotechnology expert

  • Marlene Line – Director of Business Development Lab and Analytics at Perfect Plants Analytics

  • John Simon - Senior Member of the American Society for Quality, and Certified Quality Auditor (CQA) with the American Society for Quality

  • Andrew Freedman – Cannabis Sommelier and expert on cannabis pairings and gastronomy

  • David Brown – Co-founder of Lift & Co and former policy advisor with Health Canada's cannabis branch

  • Tom Ulanowski – Vice President of Quality Assurance and Regulatory Affairs at Nextleaf Labs, Quality Assurance Person

  • Karina Lahnakoski – Partner in Deloitte’s Risk Advisory Practice and expert on regulatory and compliance operations in cannabis

  • Sylvia Chong – Food Scientist and Canadian Certified HACCP Professional Research Institute

  • Gordon R. Dobrindt – Quality Assurance professional and Quality management at STERIS AST Whitby

  • Barry Davidson – CEO of Davidson Advisory Group Inc. and Senior Advisor to CannaNavigators

  • Jeff Ord – VP of Accounts & Relationships with Cannabis At Work and host of The Roll Call

  • My Dang – Worker at iVIK Holdings Ltd., regulatory and quality assurance professional

  • Troy Henderson – Cannabis industry consultant with experience in infection prevention and control

  • Sherry Lawson - Quality Control Associate at Keystone with an extensive history in the field as she helped to create the foundation for quality systems that the company uses today

The agenda

This 3-day virtual summit for which will run from May 17-19, is jam-packed full of unique speaker presentations, exhibitors, and interactive Q&A sessions that take place in real-time, with some of the most innovative, leading cannabis industry experts from all across Canada.

Day 1 - May 17th

Social Kick-Off & The Wonderful World of Terpenes with Cannabis Sommelier Andrew Freedman @ 4:20 pm EST


‘The Roll Call’ with host Jeff Ord @ 5:20 pm EST

Day 2 - May 18th

Keynote Speaker Wes Sam from Nations Cannabis @ 10:00 am EST

C45 Association – An important message from the Board of C-45 and Brigitte Simons @ 10:20 am EST

Exhibitor Spotlight @ 10:30 am EST

Vendor Qualification: John Simon QnR with Karina Lahnakoski @ 11:00 am EST

Exhibitor Spotlight @ 12:00 pm EST

Sample Methodology with Anu Manduraga and Michael Ciardullo @ 12:10 pm EST

Exhibitor Spotlight @ 1:10 pm EST

Sanitation & Cleaning + Environmental Monitoring with Troy Henderson (Virox)

Sherry Lawson of Keystone Labs @ 1:20 pm EST

A&L Cannabis Labs Soil 2 Oil @ 2:20 pm EST

Preventative Control Plan with Sylvia Chong (Fountree) and Tom Ulanowski of Next Leaf @ 2:40 pm EST

Cannabis Irradiation – Myths, Truths, and Remediation with Gordon Dobrindt @ 3:40 pm EST

C45 Summit Network & Social Time @ 4:35 pm EST

Day 3 - May 19th

The Cannabis Act Review with Dave Brown @ 11:00 am EST

Exhibitor Spotlight @ 12:00 am EST

Science and Research from Health Canada @ 12:20 pm EST

Annual General C-45 Association Meeting @ 1:20 pm EST

The End of C-45 Quality Summit @ 2:15 pm EST

For more in-depth session descriptions or alternative time zone listings, you can visit the official website by clicking here.


If you’d like to get involved with the event via a virtual conference platform, then you’ll need to get your hands on some tickets, which are available on the C-45 Quality Summit website. The exact cost to take part will be dependent on membership status, the number of attendees, as well as each participant's individual needs, with the option to save even more by getting in on the ultimate summit pass, which provides access to both C-45 and The Growing Summit.

Digital Delegate: $149+$7.45 GST

Company Pass: $599.99+$30 GST

C45, ACMLA, PACC Members: $99+$4.95 GST

Both C-45 & Growing Summit Pass: $229+$11.45 GST

Students: $55+$2.75 GST

Growing Summit 2021 is going virtual


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