Awards being presented at this year’s O’Cannabiz Expo

Published Mar 29, 2019 01:20 p.m. ET
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It’s an exciting time for 420 friendly people who are excitedly awaiting the festivities at this year’s O'Cannabiz Expo. If you have never been, or have no idea what the big deal is, we are here to help explain the happenings of the weekend. From April 25-27 the O'Cannabiz Expo will take place in Toronto Ontario at the International Center. It is a special invitation only event that is held yearly to honor the hard work that so many individuals have put into the cannabis industry. Here you will find a complete list or the award categories for 2019 including how to get involved, and the requirements of each submission per category.

2019 Cannabis award categories

Best in Cannabis Industry

Best Canna Innovation- Do you have a favorite company that has released a new and innovative company? Submit an entry through the best canna innovation category.
National Startup of the Year- New companies that have opened within the last year may qualify.

Best News Source- Vote for your most trusted news source for marijuana coverage.

Best Marketing Campaign- Know of an ad that pushed you to make a purchase you don’t regret? Nominate the company responsible in this category.

Green Deed(s) Award- Any cannabis related good deed should be recognized here.

Brand of the Year- The most successful and popular brands will make an appearance here.

Licenced Producer of the Year- Vote for your favorite producer who spends all of
their time and hard work providing you will quality product to depend on.

Best Cannabis Software- This could be security, sales, or any other cannabis related software including games.

Best Marijuana Testing Facility- We want facilities that have produced some of the most spectacular results in equally impressive facilities.

Best Cannabis Cultivation Product- Vote for your favourite marijuana flower of 2019.

Best Security Service- High security leads to more comfortable customers and affordable prices. Vote for the best cannabis related security company here.

Best Cannabis People

Cannabis Person of the Year- If you know of an individual who has made substantial improvements to the cannabis industry as a whole than we want to hear about them under this category.

Outstanding Educator of the Year- The best cannabis educators need to be honored for all that they do in fighting the myths and stigmas of marijuana use.

Best Cultivator- Know of a spectacular marijuana grower? Nominate them under this category.

Attorney of the Year- Attorney’s who have fought hard hitting international cases can be voted for here.


People’s Choice

Best Licenced Producer Customer Service- This one is mainly for online based businesses that are growing marijuana while also offering some of the best customer service in the world.

Best Clinic- Medical marijuana clinics that are legally selling cannabis products may be included.

Best Vaporizer - Got a favorite vaporizer? Vote for your favourite on April 27th.
Cannabis Product of the Year- Submissions for this category include any cannabis products including flowers, concentrates, anddevices.

Best Accessory - Submit your choice of best and most useful cannabis accessory of 2019.

Best Pre Rolls - Vote for the best joints, blunts, moonrockets, and any other marijuana pre roll product.

Best Cannabis App - Submit your opinion on the top cannabis apps of 2019.

Best CBD Oil - Vote for most effectivemedicinal oils from around the world.

Best THC Oil - Vote for tastiest and most potent CBD oil available on the legal marijuana market.

Best Sativa (flower) - Vote for best pure Sativa weed strain.

Best Indica (flower) - Vote for best pure Indica weed strain.

Best Hybrid (flower) - Vote for best hybrid weed strain.

How to vote

This event is private, but public interest may apply for consideration at Submissions outside of the gala will come from established companies and individuals within the industry.


Though the awards gala is an invitation only event, you can get in through a sponsorship which will help to contribute to the events costs associated with this year and next to keep it going. There are four different sponsorship options including the premiere, which is $25 000. Solid Gold Partner status which costs $15 000. Sterling Silver Partner which comes with a $7500 price tag, and finally the Red Carpet Royalty Reception partner which is $12500 per person.



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