What can CBD do to help me quit smoking?

Published May 17, 2019 01:17 p.m. ET
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I don’t need help I can quit any-time, how often has that statement been voiced. For those attempting that feat don’t worry, studies indicate that this will take multiple attempts. Looks like out of the 50% of smokers that do attempt this feat, only 6% can accomplish this the first attempt. Literature tells us that successful quitter has tried over 30 times to quit.

Why quit? What are the negative effects of smoking nicotine?

• Smoking will damage your blood circulation and heart muscle
• Smoking puts you at risk of a heart attack and damaged blood vessels
• Smoking will increase your risk of developing blood clots
• Smoking increases respiratory conditions
• Smoking is less sociable acceptable

Traditional methods of treatment in the quitting of cigarette smoking include the patch, gum, candies or lozenges and Chantix a prescribed medicine is used for helping you to wean off nicotine. There are some noted side effects that come along with prescribed medication. Some of these include nausea, trouble with sleeping, vomiting, and gas. Some more serious side effects can include suicide attempts, seizures, and depression.

To date, no one has attempted to kill themselves while using CBD.

What can the legal marijuana plant do to help make quitting nicotine smoking as painless as possible? Specifically, CBD from the marijuana plant can reduce the side effects of the withdrawal process.

• CBD products will decrease the reward system which encourages smoking and hopefully decrease the cravings and dependency
• CBD is well known and used to calm the body and the mind. This compound of the marijuana plant has been proven to help in treatments of depression and anxiety. Both of which seem to accompany the withdrawal from nicotine addiction

So now we need to look at some of the means of consumption that you can use to help in the withdrawal process.


• Sublingual tinctures: work well and fast. However, there are some people that do not like the taste from these tinctures
• Tablets: not as fast acting but there is little or no taste from pills
• CBD patch: applied on the skin delivers CBD slowly into the system
• Vaping: fast acting and bioavailable
• Edibles: delicious tasting, tailored to you likes and tastes. This is a good method for micro-dosing. When you feel for a cigarette reach for a small delicious edible as a substitute
• Topical: lotions

Below is a list of marijuana strains that have high CBD content and will be beneficial in the treatment needed to cease the use of tobacco products.

  1. Charlotte’s Web often referred to as the world’s most famous strain of marijuana. The CBD content in this strain can be 20% and extremely low on the THC scale. This strain will help to calm any pain associated with the withdrawal.

  2. Ringo’s Gift has levels of 20% CBD and will aid in relaxing you keeping you calm during the withdrawal period

  3. ACDC has CBD content at level equaling 20% and THC at 6% and will help to keep you focused not leaving room for thoughts only about smoking.

CBD is not a psychoactive component of the marijuana plant and will not produce those feelings. However, a small amount of THC in the strain of choice will be more productive in helping with nicotine addiction. Now that we have legal cannabis in Canada there is less of stigma with using CBD products, don’t let any social concerns stop you from improving your health.



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