Weed strains for PMS and menopause

Published May 8, 2019 10:32 a.m. ET
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When a woman's estrogen levels are raging, her mood is all over the place, and if she tells you “it’s my hormones” try passing her a joint, she might thank you especially if it is filled with the Harlequin CBD strain.  It will help her relax and remain focused while resting on the couch.  It seems that women are more sensitive to cannabis than men, even to the point of not having the munchies as much as them, don’t know who these women are but oh well!

Here are a few other strains that come well recommended for hormonal unbalances in a woman. This hormonal treat happens monthly with our menstrual cycle. So stock up!

If there is trouble falling asleep or just plain relaxing at this time trying the strain Sweet and Sour, it will do the trick. Providing you with a great body stone, this one is good to chill out for the evening.

Your presence is required at that office party, but your hormones don’t want to go. Dutch Treat will be your friend and help to take your mind to a different place other than those hormones. The higher THC in this strain will be providing the bit of high feeling, and the lower CBD will keep any of those hormonal feelings of nausea, headache, and pain at bay.

Does Weed Help with Periods

You probably have between 3 to 5 days with these hormonal feelings so try using Jillybean daily. Higher levels of THC here will provide you with a mild and relaxing body high. Don’t worry those cramps, anxiety and the depression that can present itself now will also be addressed.

When CBD is ingested whether through smoking or ingesting orally it interacts with the bodies ECS endocannabinoid system which is a bunch of cannabinoid receptors that are over the entire body. That means that CBD can affect our hormones too.

Estrogen is not the only hormone marijuana can affect. Let'stalk about some other ones.

Cortisol hormones are affected, THC raises them, which could explain why if you are having stress issues you may feel some paranoia when partaking.


The Prolactin hormone; THC can decrease the sexual gratification that this special hormone provides.

For some women in childbearing age, ovulation can be disrupted for regular marijuana smokers, THC can interfere with the normal cycle of menstruation.

Some call the Pregnenolone hormone the mother sex hormone. It is not a friend of THC. The euphoric, relaxed, happy fun feelings you look forward to experiencing when partaking may be blocked by this hormone.

Marijuana and menopause

Not to be forgotten are some strains for menopausal women. Although the estrogen levels may be decreasing in older women, it’s worth mentioning a nice strain that will assist your remaining sexual hormones.

Super Silver haze nice sativa strain great for uplifting those mood swings and emotions that so often come with the decrease in those estrogen hormones.

Whether your hormones are going up or down, keep hormones in mind as you pick your strain.



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