Ways to use cannabis oil for your face

Published Oct 31, 2022 09:00 a.m. ET
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Cannabis oil can be eaten, cooked with, and mixed into your favourite drinks to create instant infused beverages, but it’s not often we hear too much about its benefits when applied topically. Here we’re going to talk a little bit about the perks of cannabinoids for the face, and how to harness them at home without nothing more than a few drops of oil.

1. As a primer

Are you struggling to cover up large pores or imperfections with foundation or coverup? If so, then you might want to try applying a thin layer of cannabis oil in place of your usual primer. Too much will leave you looking cakey, but with small circular motions and just a few drops, it’ll make a world of difference in how smooth those final results look.

2. Wrinkle softener

As we age, wrinkles and lines will appear on the face, and though it’s completely normal and natural, there are ways to reduce the look of these imperfections. With regular applications for hydration, cannabis-infused oil can help to gently plump the area, breathing new life into your forehead, smile lines, and undereye wrinkles, taking years off the look of your skin.

3. Moisturizer

Sometimes even in the warmer weather, our skin could really use a moisturizing pick-me-up to feel and look better, and many people invest hundreds of dollars into products that will heal and soothe dry skin when the truth is that you don’t need anything other than a small tube or bottle of cannabis-infused oil. Rub a few drops in first thing in the morning, and don’t forget to apply another layer at night before you go to sleep.

4. Chapped lips

As the winds pick up in the fall, and the chilly weather takes hold in the winter, it can wreak havoc on the skin, but most importantly the lips which are nearly always exposed no matter how bundled up you may be. Splitting, cracked lips can be painful and unsightly, and cannabis oil can help to soothe the affected area with intense moisture that lasts all day long.

5. Nighttime cream

What is perhaps the best time to use cannabis oil is just before bed, because your skin won’t be exposed to any of the harsh elements throughout the day, making its benefits last longer and go further. Instead of buying a fancy face cream, apply a thin layer of infused oil to give your whole face a lift by morning.

6. Get rid of those under-eye bags

More than half of all adults don’t get enough sleep, and in this fast-paced world, that can lead to the sudden appearance of dark, hanging bags under the eyes. Of course, the best way to handle this is with more rest, but when that’s not possible, the next best thing is to use cannabis oil, which will reduce the inflammation, and alleviate much of the discoloration that makes them so noticeable.

7. Smooth makeup


Have you invested in a bottle of foundation that’s going on just a little bit too thin? Perhaps, it’s not the quality of the product so much as the age that’s left the contents thick, creamy, and difficult to work with. Either way, a drop or two of cannabis oil placed onto a makeup sponge before using it to smooth out the foundation can help thin things out a bit, leaving you with a more natural and longer-lasting look.

8. Shrink pores

Our skin takes a beating every single day, and over time the abuse may show in the form of larger pores, which are holding onto the impurities and dirt that make it onto your face causing minor inflammation. Luckily, cannabis oil boasts healing properties that can help to reduce the size of pores over time, when combined with a proper skincare routine.

9. Makeup remover

Cannabis oil works as an effective makeup remover, by digging deep into your pores to wash away those unsightly impurities. Place a few drops on a cloth, paper towel, cotton ball, or facial pad, and with only a bit of arm work, your face will be and feel cleaner than ever.

10. Acne treatment

Using cannabis oil for skin conditions is not a new idea, which is why there is plenty of evidence to show that its anti-inflammatory properties can work well as a spot treatment for things like rosacea and acne.

Is cannabis oil safe to use on the skin?

In general, it is completely safe to use cannabis on your skin, assuming there is no pre-existing allergy to the base oil.

The best type of cannabis oil for your face

There is much debate surrounding which type of carrier is best to use on the skin, but most agree that something pure and minimally processed like olive oil is probably your best choice. However, if you’re not fond of the smell and feel of cannabis-infused olive oil, or you have an allergy to its primary ingredient, then it’s perfectly reasonable to experiment with other types, to get the results you seek.

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