Ten ways to get rid of “dry eyes” and “cottonmouth” while smoking weed

Published May 10, 2019 11:54 a.m. ET
Photo Credit Ryan Remiorz

Though there aren’t very many negative effects of weed, there are a few uncomfortable symptoms that can come along after a good smoking session or batch of marijuana edibles. The two most common are dry eyes and dry mouth, which can be particularly annoying if you need your voice or would like to see the television. Luckily, stoners everywhere have battled this problem for ages, and many of come up with unique ways to tame some of the negative effects of weed. Below you will find ten great ways to get rid of dry eyes or cottonmouth caused by consuming cannabis.

1. Visine
A few drops of this miracle liquid can go a long way in soothing dry and scratchy eyes, but it can be damaging to your eyes when used too frequently. So safe this one for emergencies whenever possible.

2. Drink water
Water is something that you should always keep on hand during a smoking session, but if you find yourself getting dry mouth, then it’s the quickest and most effective way to immediately relieve the uncomfortable and sticky cottonmouth feeling.

3. Fruit
Fruit is an excellent source of water which can help to hydrate and relieve dry mouth as soon as it touches your tongue. This is thanks to some of the highly concentrated natural acids that will trigger a saliva release as you eat it. This method is excellent for long term relief, as it thoroughly rinses the tongue, mouth, and throat.

4. Gum
If you find yourself with a bad case of cottonmouth gum can be an easy to access tool for relief. It’s sold in every variety store and comes in a variety of tasty flavors to suit the palette. Much like with fruit, the spices and flavors from the chewy candy will release a huge flood of saliva which will help to get rid of dry mouth. Flavors like peppermint, spearmint, and mint are some of the strongest and best for the task.

5 Mouthwash
There is a lot of debate over whether mouthwash is a good idea or not, and it’s really a matter of opinion. For the most effective relief from cottonmouth symptoms, always an alcohol-free version.


6. Avoid smoke clouds
This one seems kind of apparent, but a lot of people don’t notice the cloud that builds and lingers when they are smoking weed until it’s too late, if ever at all. Crack a few windows and get a fan going if smoking inside, and if you're outdoors than try to face the direction that the wind is travelling to, to avoid a face full of burning smoke. This helps the most with dry or red eyes.

7. Choose a good smoking device
The type of device that you use will dramatically affect how much of the smoke ends up in your eyes. Select a tool that makes it easy to keep the burning weed grind as far from your face as possible. Typically weed pipes, bongs, and vaporizer offer this additional feature.

8. Tic-tacs
The pocket-sized candy that you can take with you anywhere is also an amazingly powerful cottonmouth fighter. Suck on a few, and as the sugar melts and coats the tough, it will trigger a natural release of saliva which can provide some immediate relief.

9. Eye rinse
If all else fails and you’re still stuck with dry eyes, then there is always the option of a good old-fashioned eye rinse. You can purchase an easy to use a kit from your local drug or department store for under $20, but if there isn’t one on hand when you need it, just splash a little clean, cool water towards your eyes using clean hands until you feel a bit more comfortable.

10. Fresh air
This one can have either effect, so don’t stray too far in case it doesn’t work for you. Some people find that the sun and gentle wind can help to stimulate the natural eye juices, and it’s quite efficient as long as the weather is right. However, heading outside on a windy or freezing day might cause additional discomfort.



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