Survey says: marijuana use climbing higher than tobacco use for young Americans

Published Aug 12, 2019 01:29 p.m. ET
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Marijuana is the most commonly used drug in the states, and surveys are showing a change in the number of youths that are smoking tobacco today. Gallup poll shows that tobacco smoking is at a 75-year low, so the numbers are down. However, the number of youths smoking marijuana are on the rise. Surveys indicate that most Americans look upon smoking marijuana as much less harmful than smoking tobacco.

Studies show that 500,000 Americans die each year from smoking tobacco, and young adults between the ages of 17 and 30 are now using marijuana in place of tobacco. Perhaps the emphasis on the health benefits of cannabis may be part of the reason that tobacco use is down, and cannabis is up. People are choosing to smoke a joint rather than tobacco. Perhaps this is an indication of the future of tobacco sales. Is marijuana taking the place of tobacco?

Studies and surveys show that one in seven Americans smoke tobacco, and the numbers indicate that 15% of Americans claim they have smoked, while nearly 12% admit to smoking marijuana. These levels are steadily rising, which has some people afraid that the future of the tobacco industry could be in trouble.

If you listen to what the young people are saying, they state that there is a higher percentage who report smoking or vaping marijuana over the choice of tobacco use. More young adults are turning to cannabis rather than smoking tobacco cigarettes or drinking alcohol, but is that really good news? Some don’t believe so, as the research is also indicating that when a young person starts to use marijuana early in life, they are more prone to becoming heavy users later on.

Marijuana facts

  • Surveys conducted among young cannabis users indicate that college graduates use marijuana 13% more than those that use tobacco, which is nine percent.
  • They also indicate that young males make little or no distinction in choosing marijuana or tobacco to smoke the number are about even at 15%.
  • Young women report that they are 15% more likely to smoke tobacco products than use of cannabis.
  • The number of adult female consumers is currently noted as nine percent, which is much lower than their male counterparts.

Experts are looking towards the average young Americans perception that marijuana use is less harmful than smoking tobacco, and using this as the reason for the increase in legal marijuana use. However, there are now much healthier alternative methods of ingestion. The emerging of the marijuana e-cigarette has provided a choice in the method of inhaling marijuana, and edibles are quickly gaining in popularity.  So while the idea might be that young people are misinformed, in truth, they know the facts. Marijuana use is a clinically proven, healthier alternative to smoking tobacco.

Healthwise marijuana users look at vaping as a safer method of inhaling their marijuana, and vaping is viewed as more common among young Americans than tobacco use. Legal marijuana use among young Americans is on the rise and could be attributed to the use of the marijuana e-cigarette. These products have provided a new method of cannabis consumption for young Americans. A decade ago marijuana e-cigarettes were not common and perhaps not heard about for many. Today this method of consuming cannabis extracts is a multi-billion dollar business.

It appears that young American adults are the driving force behind the popularity of smoking marijuana. As more information is available about the health benefits of marijuana, perhaps the youth will change from smoking tobacco to vaping marijuana. This will be seen as a more health-conscious way of consuming cannabis. Whichever way that the youths are consuming cannabis, whether smoking or other methods, they need to be informed and choose health-conscious ways to ENJOY. After all, the future for all of us is in the hands of the youth today.

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