Marijuana and constipation

Published Apr 26, 2019 10:39 a.m. ET
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Constipation can be extremely uncomfortable and is a common condition that affects our bowel movements. On its own constipation is not a disease it is a symptom of certain causes. Usually, this is a short-term condition, but for some, it is long-term and even chronic for others.

Does weed help constipation

Marijuana can be a laxative at the same time as relieving pain and discomfort. A hit of THC can relax your digestive system. The relaxing of these muscles and nerves allow the material in your bowels to pass through more effectively. Marijuana’s anti-inflammatory properties can make for a friendly environment in the digestive system.

Do edibles cause constipation

A rare side-effect of medical marijuana can be constipation. When eating edibles, the cannabinoids pass through the digestive tract. Depending on what the ingredients are in the edible, you can result in your body reacting with constipation symptoms.

When CBD oil is ingested by some people, the digestive track becomes upset producing diarrhea, changes in their appetite and for some people fatigue.

In general CBD oil is well tolerated by all. As with any medication addition or change, speak with your health provider. CBD does interact with other drugs, so consultation with your health provider is advisable.

For those that consume over 100mg of CBD in their prescription, they may experience a change in their bowel movement. This is usually short-lived, andthe body will adjust in a few days. CBD is a known anti-inflammatory that will bind with the receptors in the digestive tract, mainly to the small and large intestines. This causes the muscles to relax and reduce inflammation and relieve the pain from the spasms associated with diarrhea.


THC is known to slow down the movement in your bowels and CBD can speed the movement up.

Here are a couple of weed laxative strains that will help in the combat of constipation.

• Haze Berry: Sativa - hybrid strain, high end on the THC Scale, muscles will relax
• Shining Silver Haze: Sativa strain may prove to beneficial to aid in the increase of fluid intake

List of natural laxatives

  1. Increase your fluid intake
  2. Exercise increases your movement gets things moving in the digestive tract
  3. Fiber intake along with increasing your fruit intake
  4. Squatting can help alleviate mild constipation
  5. Herbal laxatives take time to work; patience is needed here

The following is a list of strains that can help your overall digestive system
Sour Flower: This strain is a 50%-50% hybrid may give a bit of a dry mouth, drink water aids in digestion and at the same time as aiding with any digestive problems you will enjoy an energy boost.
Hustler Kush: This Indica-dominant strain is about 19% on the THC scale. It has amazing properties for treating inflammation that is in the digestive tract, and the effects last for hours.

Finally, remember to consult your medical health provider when making changes or additions to your present medication.

Relaxation can be a positive aid in the combat of digestive complaints and partaking of your favorite strain is perhaps a good place to start. Enjoy!  



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