Marijuana and aphrodisiacs

Published Feb 26, 2019 11:28 a.m. ET

At first glance marijuana and aphrodisiacs don’t appear to have very much in common. Aphrodisiacs will generally get your heart pumping and primed for sex, while cannabis is often used as more of a sedative to calm or relax. Many don’t realize that weed in any form be it smoked, edibles, vaped, or pill form can act the same way that an aphrodisiac does if it’s taken in a certain way. Is weed able to provide the same increased sex drive as pharmaceutical alternatives? Here we will answer that question and explain the best ways to use marijuana as an aphrodisiac, while also touching on some of the most common reasons people choose to use weed over other more traditional options.

Is marijuana a libido booster?

Weed can be used for its aphrodisiac-like effects; this was first discovered after one study showed cannabis users to be having an average of 20% more sex than their non-smoking counterparts which sparked the curiosity of scientists who wondered why. One study conducted by researchers at the Stanford University of Medicine found that using cannabis does enhance the sex drive while having little to no effect on overall performance. So far these positive results have been attributed to the way our cannabinoid system regulates pain and intensifies pleasure. Using cannabis also calms and relaxes the user leading to less pressure and anxiety, which encourages an increased libido and makes sex more of a positive and enjoyable experience.

How to use cannabis as an aphrodisiac

The key to using weed as an aphrodisiac lies in the amount that a person consumes. One of the most helpful places to start is using cannabis strains that are known for their lighter and more energetic characteristics. These strains are often much lower in THC. You can use marijuana by smoking it, ingesting it in edibles, orally taking tinctures or THC pills, or by vaping small quantities of an aphrodisiac cannabis strain. The method of ingestion is less important than the strength of the herb. Just remember any form of marijuana that is taken orally will take much longer to kick in. The next step is consuming it in small controlled doses so that you can gauge its effects without feeling overwhelmed.

Why use cannabinoids over traditional pharmaceuticals  


Many of the most commonly prescribed medications that are used for their libido boosting characteristics come at a cost to the person’s health and well being. Most of the choices that are currently offered to patients come with adverse side effects and are not recommendedor pleasant to use if you suffer from anxiety which is the number one contributor to a decreased sex drive. Especially in women, the use of strong medications can often alter perceptions and come with side effects like increased blood pressure, mood swings, and sleep troubles. Cannabis has the ability to calm the person who uses it in a safe and gentle way that comes with no harmful long term side effects.

Aphrodisiac weed strains

These cannabis strains are famously known for lighter, uplifting, and more energetic qualities. The trick is to consume them in smaller doses to garner the most benefits possible.

1. Blue Dream - Hybrid
2. Chocolate Chunk - Indica
3. Purple Princess - Hybrid
4. Hindu Skunk - Indica
5. Atomic Northern Lights - Hybrid
6. Ultimate Trainwreck - Sativa
7. Granddaddy Purple - Indica
8. Sour Dream - Hybrid
9. Asian Fantasy - Sativa
10. Green Crack - Sativa



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