Liver disease and marijuana

Published May 11, 2019 09:22 a.m. ET
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The cannabinoids in marijuana and the endocannabinoid system play an intricate part in treating liver disease. Marijuana and cirrhosis have a healing relationship. Cannabis is known to help viral liver damage, along with aiding in the conventional treatments of chemotherapy side-effects. The damaged liver might reap the benefits of cannabis.

What is liver damage and is it inherent

The answer to the question is yes; liver damage can be inherent. The disease can also develop from viruses, obesity and drug abuse.

One of the largest body organs is the liver. One of the main jobs of the liver is to filter blood from the digestive tract before it circulates back into the body. The livers' job is to detoxify chemicals in the body.

Marijuana and cirrhosis have a relationship, CBD in the marijuana assist the malignant cells that are in the liver to die.

Does marijuana affect the liver

THC and your liver can have a positive relationship. The odds of developing liver diseases lower when smoking weed is in the mix. These diseases can include hepatitis cirrhosis and liver cancer. When the research is read chronic cannabis users could be a defense against alcohol-related diseases.

Did you know that marijuana use can restore the livers function? A damaged liver can lose its ability to heal itself. However, a healthy liver can rejuvenate its cells. Marijuana can alleviate pain and inflammation to the body and its organs.

Let’s talk about the function of the liver. Like I mentioned before its the largest internal body organ. With that comes the need for the liver to have many functions:

  1. Cleaning the blood
  2. Production of vital nutrients
  3. Storing delivering and processing food

Severe or long-time injury to the liver promote Cirrhosis, the first stage is fibrosis or scarring of the liver leading to full-blown cirrhosis


Scar tissue on the liver from long-term damage is cirrhosis.

There is no cure for cirrhosis; the options are a transplant or medication.

There are some terrible side effects with this disease; loss of appetite, change in the color of the skin to yellow hues, fatigue, and itchy skin can all accompany this disease.

Are edibles bad for your liver

The bodies endocannabinoid system has proven to be beneficial to those who suffer from a liver disease like cirrhosis. Our ECS is responsible for balance. If the bodies system gets out of whack, as in the case of liver damage, the cannabinoids in marijuana, CBD and THC provide a perfect supplement for the system.

If smoking or vaping is not your way of how you like to consume cannabis, you may like edibles. The liver does metabolize marijuana, THC and this may cause some concern for the health of the liver long-term. Infused edibles will not cause further damage to the liver. Micro-dosing of the edible will be beneficial in managing the pain that can accompany liver diseases like cirrhosis.

Does marijuana cause liver damage

It appears that there is no negative association between marijuana use, cannabinoids THC and CBD, and the liver. Marijuana will be a healthy alternative to treating the pain and negative symptoms that this disease carries with it.



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