How high is too high for seniors, a guide to marijuana use quantity

Published Jul 18, 2019 12:39 p.m. ET
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Can the senior who was an avid consumer years ago consume the same amount of cannabis as back in the day? A senior is often defined as anyone over the age of 65 and commonly referred to as yesterday’s baby boomer.

Researchers claim that marijuana today is more potent than when seniors used to smoke back in the 60's. For some seniors who have not smoked marijuana for many years and have intentions to investigate the herb again, caution needs to be taken.  How high is too high?

Going back to marijuana use

A senior who is returning to marijuana use needs to be educated about the effects of the cannabis they are smoking.  Smoking marijuana today could cause health concerns for seniors who have prescribed medication that may have a negative interaction with marijuana use. Marijuana being produced today is much stronger than the weed that seniors may have tried years ago. Seniors are trying marijuana for numerous health-related concerns. The average senior is taking about four medications daily, THC and CBD are being used by the senior as a replacement for the medication prescribed by doctors that have many side effects.

Legalization may have helped ease the mind of the senior in using the herb. The stigma is slowly being removed, and as such, more seniors want to use marijuana for its health benefits, as well as the recreational qualities this plant provides. But how high is healthy for the senior?

The effects of marijuana for seniors

THC, the psychoactive ingredient that is found in marijuana can produce unwanted effects. The more potent marijuana of today also has a different ratio of THC/CBD this adds to the difficulty in accurate dosing for the senior. High levels of THC can increase the anxiety that seniors may experience. There have been incidents of seniors who have ingested too much THC and have experienced hallucinations accompanied by delusions.

Edibles are becoming a popular way for seniors to consume marijuana. Marijuana use in this form is more comfortable for the senior to administer correct dosing. Micro-dosing is a discreet way for the senior to administer the medicinal qualities they need to combat their daily health needs.

The concern is raised for the senior who consumes too many edibles and can become overly high due to the slow onset of the edible. The senior needs to be patient and go low and slow with any form of edibles to ensure a happy pleasing experience.


A senior whose body does not handle THC well may experience some of these concerns.

• Nausea
• Vomiting
• Chest pain
• Psychosis
• Cramping

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Marijuana use  can cause drowsiness and could lead to falls for seniors. Unsteadiness can occur from the combination of other medications like alcohol and prescribed medication with cannabis.

The cannabis product that the senior was accustomed to smoking when they were younger is not the same as the products and the strains available today. Caution is needed, seniors have noticed that back in the days they could smoke a copious amount of weed. This is not true for the returning senior smoker today. The strains and the composition of marijuana today have changed. Seniors need to be cautious of the amount of weed that they are using and the various forms of consuming marijuana today will provide a much higher experience.

Cannabis use among seniors is reportedly seven times higher than ten years ago.  The benefits, whether for recreational or medicinal, are providing the senior with a bonus for the golden years. The green goddess will help to make those golden years green and happy.

Consume with caution and remember to date no-one has died from the consumption of marijuana.

The benefits of medical marijuana use for seniors


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