How does CBD oil affect memory?

Published Feb 7, 2019 06:24 p.m. ET

Studies on cannabidiol oil appear to show a reduction or removal of inflammation. Negative effects of Alzheimer’s disease are increased with inflammation. Using CBD oil can reduce inflammation caused by Alzheimer’s Disease (AD). Using CBD oil for memory loss may prevent memory impairment, along with protecting some aspects of memory.

Recent studies seem to suggest that CBD may improve one’s memory. The research also suggested that CBD can turn around the deficits in objection recognition memory and social recognition memory. This can be accomplished without interfering on the body’s anxiety parameters.

Findings show that a mixture of CBD and THC in particular strains benefit cannabis’ effect on memory. The prevention of any episodic memory impairments which can be experienced with the use of THC is another benefit for using CBD oil for memory loss.

Cannabis’ effect on memory short term:

• Difficulty in forming memories while using
• Problems with recalling certain events while high

Frequent users may develop a tolerance to cannabis; they become less sensitive to the effects. The more they use they may have fewer problems with encoding their memories. Usually,this issue is temporary. Studies show that the use of cannabis does not seem to affect the recalling of existing memories like your current age, what school you graduated from and your address.

Long term effects of cannabis on memory:      


Researchers believe that those that use marijuana long term, over a period over 5years, do develop a decrease in their verbal memory recall. On an average 8.5 words out of 15 words that were given to people to recall were remembered. Some researcher believes that the longer the person uses cannabis the worst that their memory could get. There was no evidence that chronic cannabis user’s other cognitive abilities were affected. There was no concern for focusing and the speed in which they processed things. The use of high CBD can have therapeutic values which may offset the memory impairment that THC can cause.

CBD can act as a neuroprotectant and help in the onset of some terrible memory inflicted diseases: Parkinson’s dementia and Alzheimer.

I think it is important to state that CBD has no psychoactive qualities, unlike THC which is responsible for the “high” that can be experienced. The effects of CBD oil and memory are thought to be generally safe for everyone.  However, we should mention CBD’s negative effects.

• Low blood pressure
• Drowsiness
• Interaction with pharmaceutical medication

If your memory is fine and you have no issues with memory loss but do enjoy losing your mind with cannabis once in a while, I have the perfect strain for you to try.

Memory Loss is a sativa-dominant fast acting hybrid. This strain boasts a strong peppery odor with a tantalizing fruit and bubblegum essence. It is a mid-warping high that can have you experiencing memory loss and a disoriented forgetful mental feeling. You will experience happy and uplifted euphoric feelings. The way that this strain handle your stress makes Memory Loss a great choice, when you have the need to escape into a memory deficit haze, enjoy!



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