How cannabis can enhance women's sexual performance

Published May 5, 2019 09:45 a.m. ET
Photo Credit Chris Young

Cannabis research can raise more than just physical and mental effects. Cannabis is also a contributor to raising sperm count and testosterone levels in users. Recent studies also believe that cannabis users have more sexual encounters than non-users.

What exactly are the effects that THC and CBD have on our sexual encounters?

• Senses are enhanced
• Inhibitions are lowered
• Inflammation is decreased
• Pain is controlled

These effects can provide a more enjoyable sexual encounter. However, if too much or the wrong method of taking the herb is used, anxiety can be felt which can be detrimental to a sexual experience.

CBD is often used for dealing with stress and anxiety, so is THC in lower content doses. The dose is never the same for everyone. If after consuming cannabis with higher levels of THC you feel anxious, try using cannabis with the ratio of CBD being higher than THC, this can help to ease the uncomfortable feelings. To experience the full delights of cannabis and sex, look to purchase a full spectrum product. CBD works better with a bit of THC involved in the mix.

Creativity is part of the sexual experience that we all look forward to enjoying. When those creative ideas and feelings are not present THC can help.  Sexual encounters need to be creative to keep a vibrant outcome and to deter away from the everyday routine act. Dosing needs to be taken care of, do it gradually to ensure you are handling the feelings you are experiencing.

Enjoy the heightened senses, explore the sensual tactile feelings that can be produced when cannabis is added to the foreplay. Your endocannabinoid system will be having a ball. Notice the increased pressure on your skin and enjoy the amplified orgasm while the presence of marijuana is within you.


Edibles are a great choice for using to enhance your sexual encounters. Take note that the effects from edibles may take an hour or two to kick in. However long the high will last, you and your partner for up to 5 or 6 hours. Keep in mind that we all have different tolerances and starting low, waiting for effects and acting accordantly as to increasing dosage will be the best way for you and your partner to have a delightful romantic time together. Pain is a deterrent for sex but luckily cannabis has amazing pain controlling qualities.

Cannabis products can be applied to the vulva which is often the culprit for pain during intercourse. A product named Foria Pleasurewill be a welcomed component that will help to decrease pain. Cannabis products can decrease inflammation and increases blood flow. Administering your cannabis this way produces no psychoactive effect as the topical does not enter the liver, but you will experience a full body relaxation.

Suppositories whether anal or vaginal are great tools for enjoying penetrative comfortable sex. Sorry men, topicals do not work on the penis.

Sharing the correct dosing of marijuana with friends or partners can help you to open up in your conversation and also in the bedroom. Your inhibitions are lowered the endorphins that tell you to feel good are engaged. A connection with a partner is paramount for achieving delightful enjoyable sex.

Well, who said you need a partner to enjoy marijuana and sex. Masturbation and cannabis prove that the endogenous cannabinoid system is perfect for getting in tune with yourself. Remember also, there are a wide variety of weed strains out there for you experiment with, if one strain doesn't work for you, try another.



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