Does weed help migraines

Published Jan 29, 2019 01:44 p.m. ET

 Migraines are terrible, to say the least. Headaches of this type are hard to treat and often are accompanied by terrible side effects of the medication prescribed for them by your physician. Often the migraine headache will produce symptoms of nausea with vomiting to accompany it.  The pain can be on one side of your head frequently behind your eye. Most people have a sensitivity to light. Often these debilitating headaches can last from 4 hours to 72 hours. Some of the triggers for migraines can be combated by using cannabis. A few known triggers are; allergies, stress, lack of sleep and depression.

Thankfully here comes a savior for some: cannabis, the wonder plant. Just be careful of the strains that you choose.

There are three strains that we will look at that can help with this at times an unbearable headache. Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid.

Let’s look at the different strains known to help.

Best CBD strains for migraines

Purple Kush is well known for its ability to induce sleep. This strain has been known to have numbing sensations, which could be a great way to wait out a migraine. It’s an Indica strain.

Remedy is another Indica strain that is high in CBD, as with the above strain, starting this treatment at the earliest sign of a migraine is a key step. Do not wait till a headache has a firm hold. This strain will give you a pleasurable,relaxing mellow feeling. This is a must for migraine sufferers.

OG Kush, this Indica strain has powerful sedative powers. This strain will produce immediate relief. It will take the edge off a headache. As with all strains, I would suggest early ingesting of the cannabis for good results. Try not to let a headache get control. You need to control it; these strains could very well assist you in doing that.

The delivery method you choose will have a big influence on how fast you will feel some relief. Let's discuss some of those ways.


Vaping is fast acting, be sure to choose a strain that alleviates your symptoms.

Roll-ons and tinctures or salves which are applied to the temple area or even the back of the neck can provide some relief.

Edibles for migraines

Edibles come in many forms; you can ingest them in your food, take a capsule or use oils. Another option is to try something sweet, like candy mints. These are an easy way to carry your cannabis around with you. These mints often start at 2.5 mg. Remember as with all edibles. The effect can take a while to begin. Remember to wait, you do not want to overdose yourself, you will feel terrible, and this will not aid in battling the migraine. Be patient, start taking a mint at the earliest sign of your migraine. Everyone has different triggers so become aware of your body’s reactions.

Moving forward

Migraines can be debilitating to your daily living. Hopefully, I have given you an alternative approach to your migraines that will work for you. If any of these ideas don’t help you, you could always try talking to your doctor, with their guidance, and a prescription plan, they may be able to supply you with medical marijuana for migraines. Ideally, using cannabis with ensuring you won’t have any terrible side effects from a medicine that is initially given to help your symptoms.

Next time you feel a migraine coming, try rolling up a joint, laying down, relaxing and wait it out. You never know, this could be your answer to a peaceful, migraine free lifestyle.



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