Does weed cause acne or is the munchies causing acne?

Published Jan 29, 2019 01:48 p.m. ET

 Does weed make you break out or is it what you are eating while high? Artificial colored cheese or tasty candies you have been indulging in, the pound of chocolate you ate might be the true culprit.

Stress is also a common contributor to acne. Over consumption of cannabis can encourage stress levels to increase, this releasing of the stress hormone can develop into acne breakouts. So, does weed cause acne? I'm going to say no. Picking the wrong strain when indulging can cause paranoia. This leads to increased anxiety and stress. So along with the high, you may be experiencing an acne breakout.

Benefits of cannabis for your skin

CBD is known to neutralize paranoia which can come from THC consumption. The Harlequin strain is perfect for this scenario. It has a 50-50 balance of CBD and THC.  There are many strains that will not invoke the dreaded munchies attack, here are a few strains I thought you might like to try. Durban poison and ACDC are common strains that do not give you munchies.

The smoke from your joints has a toxin in it. This, when you exhale, finds its way onto your skin. You may now be suffering from induced acne from the toxic smoke that you just exhaled.

There are many uses for CBD oil. Moisturizing skin is one of those uses.

Dry skin is the lack of water in cells. The cells shrivel and die. This is the flaking that happens when our skin is dry. The winter months are not friendly to our skin. You may have noticed an excessive amount of itching in the winter; this could be from the clothes that we wear in the winter. The fabric can dry out our skin.

If you like spending time in the shower do it within reason. Too long in a hot shower will dry out your skin. You need to moisturize your skin CBD oils are the perfect solution to dry skin.


CBD lotions contain amino acids, and hydrating omega 3 and 6 oils all of these are great for re-hydrating your skin. The oils or lotions of CBD are great as they need only to be applied once a day. They seem to provide hydration for 24 hours.

Those chapped lips that you keep licking stop it right away you are not helping. Try applying a CBD balm for those chapped lips.

Ointments that are infused with CBD oils are great for hand moisturizers. These hand ointments are used for a pain reliever for those suffering from arthritis. The topical ointment is very useful for general inflammation of the skin.

Skin that is subjected to smoke will age faster. This is not only your face but your hand's age also holding the joint receiving smoke from others in the room. It is virtually impossible to not get smoke on your skin while partaking.

Take my advice and moisturize your skin. Why not do it with the beautiful and natural products that the cannabis plant will provide us with.

Does weed cause acne? It may indirectly but it’s completely manageable, so relax, pick better munchies, strains of the herb and it's all good. You’ll have nothing to worry about.

Remember to moisturize, roll a joint and relax.



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