Does marijuana effect estrogen?

Published Mar 10, 2019 01:43 p.m. ET

 The estrogen in women's bodies enhances the hormonal effects of marijuana. This is why women, in general, are 30% more sensitive to THC than their male counterpart. This explains why a woman has greater pain-relieving effects than men do to cannabis.

Marijuana effect on hormones

Does marijuana affect hormones? How does this affect women and why is it important for women when ovulating to be careful and monitor the amount of cannabis that they are consuming. During ovulation and the increase of estrogen,an increase in anxiety and paranoia may be noticed.

With chronic cannabis use, hormones can be affected whether you are male or female.

• THC raises cortisol levels this could leave you feeling anxious or paranoid, especially if you have an issue with stress already.
• THC lowers prolactin. Sexual gratification stems from prolactin, not sure that you want this lowered.
• Chronic marijuana use may disrupt the regular monthly cycle, and interrupting the eggs being discharged from the ovaries.
• Young men may be delayed in entering puberty
• Sperm production may be affected adversely

How does smoking weed affect estrogen levels

There is a thought that estrogen uses endocannabinoids to regulate our moods. This could be the explanation why mood swings are very common during menopause. This just happens to be when estrogen levels are disappearing from the female body. This may be evidence towards a link between marijuana and estrogen production.

THC can work in partnership with a natural cannabinoid help to regulate body temperature. This could be beneficial to the woman suffering from hot flashes due to hormonal changes.


Pain during menopause is something else that women have to look forward to. The addition of marijuana to their daily life will assist in the pain relief needed for the headaches, joint pain and painful intercourse that can accompany this hormonal change in our bodies.

Some strains that will help during Estrogen Dominance which contrary to what people think is not an estrogen deficiency disease. It is a time in a woman cycle of life often referred to as menopause. It is the ratio of estrogen to progesterone that is the problem; there is too much estrogen. This problem or natural occurrence for some can last 10 to 15 years. The onset can be as early as 35 years. Below are some strains of cannabis that could be beneficial during this cycle of life for women.

Sweet Tooth: Indica heavy hybrid that is known for its smell of berries and flowers. This potent strain will provide euphoric,uplifting effects. Great for depression which often accompanies hormonal changes. This strain will soon have you feeling uplifted depression is gone.

Jelly Bean: This hybrid is great for relieving stress and depression which comes with emotional, hormonal changes. Those mood changes will be eradicated after using the strain. Happy and euphoric is the state you will find yourself in. Unbalanced hormones a thing of the past.

Super Silver Haze: Great as a mood leveler. Happy, uplifted feelings will be your reward after partaking this strain. Pain that can be associated with depression is gone. Symptoms of hormone changes can be relived with this strain.

For men when testosterone hormone levels fall, proportionally, estrogen levels are increased. The result can be a growth in breast tissue, commonly known as “man boob.”

Does marijuana effects hormone is a question that I think is subjective. Different strains help people in different ways to relieve their health problems. Find the right strain and dose for you and marijuana will have a positive effect. Remember to be responsible and enjoy!



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