Do you know what dosage and strains of medical marijuana are best for you?

Published May 3, 2019 09:44 a.m. ET
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When looking at what dosage of medical marijuana is the best for you, you need to consider that no dose is the same for each person. Each of us reacts differently making a standard dose not possible.

Compared to other medications medical cannabis is different in its dosing method, and the reaction to that dose will not be universal either.  This is the reason that dosage is so important for safe administration. Finding the perfect dose can often be tricky. All health providers will suggest that the patient starts low and slow and may need to look at different strains to assist in the treatment. This can be a time-consuming effort but when the optimal dose is found the patient will be relieved of the negative symptoms they may be having. Determining the best dosage for patients depends on methods of consumption, percentages of THC/CBD and what strain is being used. At present, the best method of using cannabis to assist with treating numerous medical conditions is to use with traditional medications.

Medical users should use alternative methods other than smoking for delivery of the healing benefits of this herb. These are the suggested alternatives to smoking the herb:

• Tinctures
• Vaporizers
• Edibles

Sublingual administering of tinctures is a good way to administer medical marijuana without risking over the top impairment feelings. For the optimum way of consuming medical marijuana, one should consider micro-dosing. Consumers are advised to start low and go slow by taking small doses and wait 15 minutes, repeat till the desired effect is found. This method encourages patients to find the perfect dose particularly adjusted for them, as each person reacts different and will require different dosing.

When patients are consuming predominantly CBD strains or oils, a higher dose may be required to get the therapeutic results needed.

For doctors who are unsure of the dosing of cannabis, there are software tools to help. Sail is a tool that helps to simplify the correct dosing process.


This list may help in achieving the correct dosing when using edibles:

• No or low tolerance to THC should use 1.5 to 5mg
• Smokers who use multiple times in a week should use 2 to 12mg
• Regular eaters of edibles and those with tolerance to edibles should use 30-60mg
• Extreme tolerance to THC should use 60-100mg

Some of the best medical marijuana strains for treating specific concerns:

ACDC - effective in treating pain
Blue Widow - used for anti-inflammatory issues perfect for arthritis pain sufferers
Blueberry Kush - great Indica for sleeping issues
Harlequin - full of antitoxins and neuroprotective properties well suited for brain injury and neurodegenerative diseases
Jack Herer - perfect for treating depression, anxiety, and PTSD
Sour Diesel - used by patients needing energizing effects
Canna-Tsu - high in CBD address pain symptoms without delivering “high” feelings
Cannatonic - a low THC strain known to be classed as a restorative strain Used by many chronic pain sufferers

In closing, it is so important to mention again that the dosing of cannabis is an intricate part of the effective and safe delivery of medical marijuana. Patients should always consult with the primary health provider to combine medical marijuana and traditional medications safely and responsibly.



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