CBD oil and autism

Published Feb 7, 2019 04:49 p.m. ET

Let’s discuss the use of CBD oil for the treatment of autism and its symptoms. I think it is only right to first state what autism is and how CBD oil can affect the lifestyle of a person with autism.

Autism is a highly complex disorder. No two people experience the symptoms of this disorder in the same way. Usually, autism is not diagnosed till after age 2. Verbal and behavioral skills do not appear normally till a child is a toddler.

The more severe serious symptoms which can include violence anxiety aggression and self-injury can be helped with the use of CBD oil. A study was done in Israel which showed some promising results. Israeli parents of children with autism were given a high CBD strain named Avidekel; they were advised to use the oral drops under the child’s tongue. The study showed a decrease in the self-injury and rage attacks along with other symptoms associated with the disorder. The treatment used in the Israeli study was CBD 30%, and THC 1.5% oil and was administered under the tongue.

Let’s now discuss what CBD oil is. CBD is a natural chemical found in the cannabis plant. CBD has no psychoactive qualities it does have countless wonderful other benefits. CBD oil is made from extracting the cannabidiol from the cannabis plant. The CBD is then added to a carrier oil like coconut oil and then administered orally.

Benefits of using CBD oil for autism :


• Reduction of nausea and vomiting, many people with autism, suffer from this and often have what is termed cyclical vomiting syndrome.
• Autism is linked with epilepsy, CBD has proven its ability to assist with epilepsy seizures. CBD helps to control seizures through its anticonvulsant properties.
• CBD oil can replace the antipsychotic drugs prescribed for the Autism, the side effects of these drugs can be devastating on the child’s system. The side effects of CBD oil has far fewer side-effects than the use of the traditional meds.
• Inflammation in the gut is a common complaint of autism suffers. CBD can lower the levels of inflammation in the body which can cause other conditions.
• Depression and anxiety can go hand in hand with the diagnosis of autism by stimulating the human endocannabinoid system.

CBD oil dosage for autism should be conducted with the help and guidance of a health professional. An example of the dosing is to start with .5 mg of CBD per pound of the child’s body weight. This should be split into three doses for the day. An example would be a thirty-pound child would be administered 2 drops 3 times per day. Two weeks later the dose should be increased to 30 mg, this equals to 4 drops three times per day.

It is wise to note that the only known contra-indication for CBD is it should not be administered with grapefruit. The combination could result in the negative impacts that can be prevalent in the bodies enzymatic activity.

It is important to stress again that doses should start small. The purchasing of the CBD oil should be from a reputable supplier that has third-party testing of their products to ensure the safety and constancy of the product.



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