Cannabis information is now available to parents and children through Kids Help Phone

Published Aug 27, 2019 10:00 a.m. ET
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The cannabis plant, its products and effects can all be difficult for parents and children to completely understand. What is worse, is that so many of the parents today that have young children, grew up during a time where marijuana was demonized, so it can be challenging to figure out the real difference between fact and fiction when it comes to what we thought we knew.

Federal marijuana legalization has been in place for nearly a year now in Canada, and the date for the release of the latest edibles is expected to come as soon as December. Over the first year after legalization, there was little mention of educational resources for patients, consumers and concerned parents, but now the popular Kids Help Phone line is coming to the rescue.

What is Kid’s Help Phone?

Kids Help Phone is a one of a kind Canadian based support service that works with people from all around the globe. Though their base is located in Canada, their services are offered on a national scale to include everyone who might need some assistance.

Kid’s Help Phone uses data and statistics to compile and release the latest and most reliable information and resources available on a wide range of topics and situations that a child might face. The goal of this agency is to provide support, counseling, advice and real facts about some of the most difficult subjects for youth who find themselves in need of assistance.

Who can use Kid’s Help Phone?

Many assume that the name implies that this agency is only catering to youth, but in reality, anyone that is involved with a child might benefit from reaching out to Kids Help Phone. A child’s, cousins, parents, grandparents, siblings or any other close contact may also call or browse through the wealth of information that is available through this social service.

Though much of the displayed information is most relevant for its country of origin, anyone from anywhere in the world could use the services from this agency for free.

Why would someone call Kids Help Phone?

Anyone can call in for information no matter what their reason for struggling. Whether you need advice, an open ear to listen, counseling services, or connections to other, more in-depth help programs, Kids Help line is ready and waiting to take your call. Though their services are geared towards children, parents and family members with child-related problems are also encouraged to reach out for assistance.

Cannabis plant-related information provided by Kid’s Help Phone

Though federal marijuana legalization did not promise any resources for youth or parents, here, you can find the most essential information. So far categories are limited to 3 options including cannabis legalization, questions about cannabis legalization and important things to know, but this library is expected to explode as word travels about its release.


Inside you will find the exact laws for possession, growing and safety precautions alongside link to some of the most valuable and reliable online resources on the world wide web to date. All the information displayed on this website is fact-checked and youth-related, to keep finding what you need fast, a priority.

How to contact Kids Help Phone

Volunteers and counselors are available in either English or French through Kids Help Phone via:

Text: Send the word CONNECT to 686868

Phone: 1-800-668-6868


Live chat: Visit the website and click on the chat icon at the bottom of the screen to be immediately connected with support.

Online resources: Head on over to the online portal and click on Get Info.

Mobile app: Currently available for iOS and Android devices through the Google Play store.

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