Can cannabis cause hair loss?

Published Mar 2, 2019 11:07 a.m. ET

One of the leading causes of hair loss is stress.  Does smoking the beautiful bud cause stress? I thought smoking would relieve any stress that I have. Marijuana can, however, increase the flight and fight stress hormone cortisol. This is the stress hormone that can contribute to hair loss among other things. So while marijuana and hair loss may not be a direct influence but an indirect one. Don’t believe any sensationalist claims like “Weed causes hair loss!”, that reference any direct link, chances are they come from an inaccurate source.

Hormonal changes

Hormones play an important part in the hair loss condition called Alopecia. The loss of hair is caused by a hormone, DHI attaching itself to the hormone testosterone. The use of marijuana impedes the production of testosterone. This will mean that there is less DHI triggering the sensitive hair follicle, which accounts for the hair loss in patches. Cannabinoids can inhibit the development and the growth of the hair shaft. This too will induce the loss of hair.

Let’s look at some strains that will reduce your depression and stress and at the same time perhaps aid in your hair-loss — less stress, more hair.

Critical Mass:
This is an Indica dominant hybrid. The CBD level in this strain has been reported as high as around 21%. This combined with a 22% THC level will bring your mood up and keep it up until it is time for bed. The positive outlook that this strain provides is just what is needed to lower the stress levels that depression can bring with it.

Ringo’s Gift:
A wonderful earthy sativa dominant hybrid strain. This strain is low in THC. It is however high in CBD; the strain is great for hair loss. Partaking will release those stressful feelings. You will not need to worry about psychoactive high due to the low THC. This strain is fantastic for CBD oils.

Valentine X
Pain can often accompany stress. This 50-50 hybrid is a powerful pain reliever that has fast acting results. Only a few hits are required to feel the effects. Your body and mind will be filled with the tranquil mind soothing feelings — no stress throughout the body.


Cannabis related products to enhance hair growth

Hemp oil can be used as a supplement or applied directly to your hair. Hemp oil is full of those wonderful Omega 3,6, and 9 fatty acids that stimulate hair growth. These acids in the hemp oil also strengthen the hair follicle. Protecting the hair from breakage and that terrible, brittle feeling is another benefit. If you need a deep moisturizer hemp oil is the one for you. It is great for penetrating the hair and skin. This oil will lock in the moisture and nutrients that are available from hemp oil.

Hemp shampoo will provide gentle cleansing of the hair. Your hair will also absorb the minerals in the shampoo and provide a healthy feeling and shine.

The way to a healthy head of hair is to have it start from a healthy scalp. Hemp oil can reduce inflammation, improve circulation and provide a healthy start for hair to grow. This will reduce the amount of hair loss that can accompany depression. Environmental stress along with physical and mental stress can have an effect on hair loss. The oil can also relieve infection, help with the dryness of the scalp and prevent dandruff.

While looking after your hair, marijuana will also look after your body. If marijuana helps with hair-loss than keep lighting up your herb, those tresses you are sporting are beautiful.

Remember to consume responsibly and enjoy!



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