Best marijuana strains to treat Phantom Limb pain

Published Nov 9, 2019 12:00 p.m. ET
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Phantom limb pain is best described as the feelings experienced after one has had a limb or body part amputated. You may still experience pain from a limb that is no longer attached to your body, which is why this condition is mostly associated with the amputation of a leg or arm.  However, it has also been experienced by patients when a breast is amputated.

This pain for some can be experienced on a long-lasting term basis, while others experience it going away on its own. Since this is a neurological condition, researchers are not exactly sure what it is that causes this pain. A possible explanation is the nerves in parts of the spinal cord, and the brain needs to rewire due to losing the signals from the missing limb. The body does its duty and sends signals to the brain to indicate that something is going on and not correct.

Pharmaceutical drugs are often prescribed for patients who are living with Phantom Limb Pain; however, these medications often come accompanied by adverse side effects. Opioids are the number one prescribed drug for this syndrome, which have life-changing long term adverse effects.

Best weed strains

Some of the best weed strains that can assist with Phantom Limb Pain are listed below.

Royal Kush

  • Combats pain
  • Leaves a clear head
  • Keeps you energized
  • Perfect to use during the daytime

Painkiller XL

  • A painkilling heavy hitter
  • Balanced THC/CBD ratio
  • Sativa-dominant profile
  • Keeps a clear focused, happy experience

White Widow

  • Indica dominant strain
  • Perfect evening strain to combat pain
  • Uplifting and relaxing high
  • Powerful painkiller

Royal Jack

  • Sativa strain
  • Combat pain
  • Provide a clear-headed high
  • Energized feelings
  • A perfect daytime-toke
  • Motivating as well as encouraging inspiring moments
  • 40% Sativa, 30% Indica, 30% Ruderalis

Using marijuana to treat Phantom Limb pain

Many people living with Phantom Limb pain need to re-dose every few hours to maintain the level of comfort they need. Doctors can prescribe medical marijuana for the treatment of Phantom Limb Pain. Even patients located in the states where cannabis remains illegal at the federal level have the right to obtain and use cannabis for medicinal purposes.

How to get a medical marijuana card

Medical marijuana cards are issued to one of the largest groups experiencing amputations; veterans, many of which are currently living with this syndrome. The good news is that they are getting relief from cannabis. The information has been collected that indicates low doses of marijuana can have a significant impact on the treatment of Phantom Pain Management. Studies have also indicated that low doses of vaporized cannabis could help improve neuropathic pain conditions. Brain functions and psychoactive side effects are noted to be very minimal to the patient at low doses, making it an ideal treatment option.

Sativa vs Indica

The two most popular strains of cannabis are Indica and Sativa. When looking at which type of strain will best suit the need to control the pain associated with this syndrome,  one can consider researchers' discoveries.  Participants seemed to prefer Indica strains to relieve pain, and to aid with sleep conditions. The research also indicated that people preferred to use Sativa strains when the need to improve moods and elevate energy.  However, the most significant reduction of stress and increased focus was well noted when Sativa's were introduced into the health regime of people living with Phantom Limb Pain.

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