Acne and marijuana

Published Feb 15, 2019 00:22 a.m. ET
Cannabis acne treatment 

Does using marijuana help acne? Such a claim is hard to assess; there is very little information tying these two things together. One product that will help with acne, however, is cannabis oil, CBD. CBD oil sourced from the cannabis plant can reduce acne and its scars due to its anti-inflammatory properties. CBD may reduce the visible inflammation that is associated with clogged hair follicles. CBD in a topical form is the most common way of using the oil for treatment of acne.

Lets us look at the ways that CBD can help in the scaring effects that acne can leave.

• CBD is effective at inhibiting the production of oil from the sebaceous glands
• CBD can decrease depression and stress
• CBD is well known for its aid in reducing inflammation

CBD, THC and Acne

Take note that CBD oil is not weed. You will not be experiencing any psychedelic highs. The oil contains high levels of CBD and THC levels are either non-existent or are hardly traceable. There is little knowledge garnered from studies about THC and acne, or weed and acne, though there probably isn't any kind of causal relationship.

CBD oil in the treatment of acne is beneficial in the reduction of oil from the sebaceous glands; it also aids in limiting the production of the sebum. When you have oily skin that can lead to acne your pores get clogged easily. CBD oil will help in regulating the amount of oil that is produced.

Stress a big factor in the development of acne. CBD oil has amazing qualities to reduce your stress lower your heart-rate and generally relax your system. CBD may be useful in combating chronic stress. This will in turn help with the symptoms of acne. It goes without saying that acne can cause major stress to one’s daily living. This stress spikes the Cortisol level in our system making a perfect storm condition for increased sebum production and inflammation to the skin. Many adults with chronic acne have tried other prescribed topical medications with little or no positive results.


Taming inflammation is another healing property that the amazing CBD oil provides. Acne known as an inflammatory disease that leaves the pores in your skin blocked and irritated can cause pain and discomfort. Using CBD oil on a regular basis will render your skin to begin a healing process.

Cannabis Oil for Acne

Using CBD oil for your acne breakouts has many benefits to your whole health system. While clearing the toxin out of your skin, the CBD oil is also providing other benefits. When taken on a regular basis, your sleep patterns will be improved; your skin will start to show amazing improvement. Overall your body may feel rejuvenated.

Many times, after having traditional prescribed medication for acne, it leaves the skin dry and lifeless.

I suggest incorporating a hemp-infused cream, Charlotte’s Web Hemp Infused is one useful product, though there are others. Hemp infused cream will be beneficial in healing and soothing the affected skin. This cream has moisturizing components such as shea butter and vitamin B to heal your skin.

The benefits of using CBD oil for the treatment of acne is only the start of what the amazing cannabis/hemp plant can do for us. When using the CBD oil for acne treatment, I do suggest using it in a lotion form and back it up with a CBD high strain of cannabis for you to enjoy while your body is enjoying the calming moisturizing effects that applying the lotion can achieve. Hopefully, you'll be able to see the effects of whatever treatment you by whether it's a hemp cream or CBD oil, good luck!



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