An Introductory Guide to Dry Herb Vaporizers

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There are so many exciting ways to use cannabis products that it can be daunting to settle on a new one to try. The dry herb vaporizer is quickly becoming one of the hottest selling cannabis consumption devices on the market today, and for a good reason, as this method of ingestion allows for a more powerful hit, than any joint roll or bowl could ever contain.

The biggest challenge most consumers face with trying something new is gaining an understanding of it, especially when it comes to technology that requires an investment to start. While it might sound like a bit of a risk, the dry herb vaporizer can be a powerful tool for both recreational and medicinal consumers, so it is one worth considering.

Here, we will help by explaining all of the dry herb vaporizer basics, including how they work, and a range of tips and tricks on how to use and care for one, for both new vapers and those who are only considering this method of ingestion as a possibility.

What is a dry herb vaporizer?

A vaporizer is a device that liquifies the cannabinoids within cannabis buds and other herbs or concentrates, which turns them into a cloud of highly concentrated (70%+) THC content. The vapor is then held within the device until the user is ready to inhale it through a giant cloud that looks like smoke but isn’t.

Different types of dry herb vaporizer

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There are quite a few unique designs of dry herb vaporizers, but only two different types. There are tabletop dry herb vaporizers and more portable versions, which often go by the term vape pen. The first requires a consistent flow of electricity but also provides a more reliable and high-quality experience. However, a vape pen offers a level of portability and convenience that is often necessary for such a fast-paced society.

Why use a dry herb vaporizer?

Everyone has their own reasons for their favourite methods of ingestion, but the dry herb vaporizer is a helpful piece of technology that helps to provide a more enjoyable experience due to several well-known benefits, including:

  • Portability
  • Healthier than smoking
  • Ease of use
  • Affordability
  • Better flavor
  • No chemicals or additives

Are dry herb vaporizers good?

These tools are an excellent option for anyone who is seeking a healthier method of ingestion than smoking with a similar feel. That is why so many consumers have been able to quit smoking cigarettes using a vape pen to quell the hand to mouth fixation that plagues many tokers.

Parts of a dry herb vaporizer

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1. Atomizer
The atomizer on a vape pen is a heater. Atomizers also go by other names such as ‘cartomizers’ and ‘clearomizers’, but regardless of the name, it performs the very same task. The atomizer heat converts the herb into the cloud of vape or smoke, which is made of up millions of tiny drops of liquid that are airborne.

2. Heating chamber
The dry herb vaporizer includes a heating chamber that is made of glass, polycarbonate plastic, or stainless steel and is usually integrated into the same piece that includes the atomizer. This is where the herb is packed before you begin vaping.

3. Vape coils
The atomizer coil is one of the parts of the atomizer. The vape coil makes direct contact with the battery and the liquid. The battery heats the coil, which then vaporizes the liquid, creating a thick cloud of fog that is then available to be inhaled by the user. Vape coils are usually made of a thin metal wire that is wrapped into a tiny coil.

4. Sensors
Even the most basic push-button start vape pens have a sensor that is triggered when the button is pushed. Others require slightly more sensitive detectors that will trigger the heating element when the pen is picked up, or when a user inhale. Unfortunately, the most fragile piece is also the most important. Sensors are the number one weak point that renders vape pens useless until fixed or replaced.

5. Batteries
Vape pens require a very powerful battery. It must be strong enough to reliably put off the energy needed for the coil contained inside the atomizer to reach and maintain a temperature of 400°F. The batteries used in vape pens are Lithium-Ion batteries, which carry a higher than average level of energy density. They are also the safest option because they have the least risk of exploding.

How to use a dry herb vaporizer

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Tabletop vaporizers often have a more complicated setup, but they function in the same way as any vape pen, only on a more powerful scale. Follow the steps listed here for direction on how to use a dry herb vaporizer.

  1. Fully charge the device (if necessary).

  2. Grind up some cannabis into a fine powder. The smaller, the better, as heat distribution in smaller dry herb vaporizer designs make an even warming more difficult if the buds are left in chunks.

  3. Pack the heating chamber and be sure to seal it up well.

  4. Some vapes require a push-button start to trigger a release of heat, while others include sensors that can determine when the device is in use. Many include a necessary waiting period between tokes to ensure there is enough heat to vaporize the herb, so it is important to follow the instructions in your included manual on how to proceed with heating.

  5. Press your lips against the mouthpiece and take a deep breath to draw the vapor out of the device and into your lungs.

Getting to know a vaporizer

Firstly, there are two types of vaporizers available. These are the conduction and the convection. Convection vapes will release hot air into your botanicals and will allow a good flavour and potency. However, with a conduction vape, the herb is in contact with the heat, which heats the herb quicker. This type of vaporizer is inexpensive.

Tips on vaping cannabis

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  1. In vaporizing, you will start with a vaporizer, which can be any of the two types mentioned above. You will also need a grinder to grind the herb as using a grinder allows the user to get the most out of the herb and will also prevent the herb from being overly heated or burned. It can also prevent uneven vaporization, resulting in the vapor having a better flavour. The vaporizer will also be able to work effectively in the future since the grinding ensures that it is not over clustered.

  2. Temperature is another important aspect of vaporizing cannabis. If you want your hit to be more flavourful, then a lower temperature is recommended, of course, this all depends on how you prefer to hit your vape. A strong hit will give thicker vape, but it may not be as flavourful. Some vaporizers have an adjustable temperature so you can experiment to see which temperature is preferred.

  3. As it relates to using vape pens, it’s best to purchase a vape case for frequent travellers. A vape case is a worthwhile investment. It can be used to store your marijuana vape pen and IRS accessories, such as brushes. Your marijuana vape pen may break, so it is wise to take precautions and secure them for longer use. Also, there are smell proof vape cases which enable the user to vape without everyone smelling the cannabis. If you are vaping in public, then a smell proof case may be necessary. Try to be familiar with the laws in your state to see where you are allowed to consume cannabis as many countries have laws restricting smoking in public places.

  4. It is crucial that the vaporizer is in proper care. In order for the vape to be effective, the vape pen must be cleaned and maintained. Resin from the cannabis may remain in the vaporizer, which will result in a sticky look because of the heat and so it is important to clean the chamber and the mouthpiece with a brush and alcohol if you want to get good vapor.

  5. Additionally, you should not overpack or under pack the vaporizer. The amount of herb you will need to put in the vaporizer usually depends on the size of the vape chamber. If you under pack the chamber, the vapor will be thinner, and if you overpack the chamber, the vapor will have difficulty transferring to the mouthpiece.

  6. Do not take sharp draws on the vape. Relax and take a gentle draw and be advised that too many draws can cause the airway to be blocked.

In conclusion, make a wise investment and purchase a good quality vaporizer that will last longer.

What you can expect from vaping CBD


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