Top Canadian cannabis soil brands on the market

Published Jul 10, 2021 09:00 a.m. ET
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Winter has ended, spring is in the air, and that means it’s time to get ready for the growing season ahead. Whether it is seedlings or clones that you are starting, a reasonable premium soil is what’s needed to have a successful season. Earth is one of the essential components when it comes to growing. With that said, we are going to have a look at some of the top soil brands in Canada this year.

What makes excellent soil?

Good soil has a wealth of nutrients, preferably organic. This creates very flavourful cannabis. You can use the same soils which are used for tomato plants. Good soil will resemble coffee grounds. A loose and sandy texture will help hold onto enough moisture while still allowing enough oxygen to make it through. Substrates play an important role in a great soil mix. The soil should not be too heavy or compacted to enable the roots to expand fully. Avoid clay in your medium because it is highly water-resistant, so please do not use soil that includes clay.

What is a Substrate

Substrates offer a natural environment for live organisms to thrive under the soil. Substrates are all around us and are a vital element in healthy plant growth. They help hold onto water and provide various nutrients. Substrates have a positive effect on the plant's yield, whether it be a fruit, veggie, or a cannabis plant. Cannabis substrate is usually a mix of black and blonde peat fibrous peat, tree bark, coconut fibre, worm humus, or perlite in a combination that creates a super soil for cannabis growers.

1. Big Rootz

Some of the world’s top cannabis growers have created this soil. Big Rootz is an excellent soil if you are new to growing cannabis. It has a perfect PH, and it is balanced so that your cannabis plants get that maximum intake of water to help them grow into beautiful and healthy adults. This soil has a mix of compost, coir, peat, and worm castings. A mixture that is a lovely combination for cannabis as it thrives. This soil is also 100% organic, which is always a bonus.

2. Roots Organics Rod

This soil is very environmentally friendly. It’s super fertile nutrient-rich soil that is the most suitable for plants that are past the seedling stage. Roots Organic has some very loved by cannabis matter such as bat guano, fishbone, feather meal, glacial rock dust, worm castings, and humic acid, and it comes in a ready to use the bag, allowing you to transfer your plants immediately.

3. Miracle Grow

This soil will feed your plants continuously, which makes it great for the first-time grower. It is extraordinarily rich in nutrients and Miracle Grow plant food that releases slowly over a period of three months. An excellent choice for auto-flowering strains This soil forgives if you are a forgetful grower, you will have some leeway.

4. Fox Farm

Experienced growers love this soil as it comes with an ideal PH level. It’s also adapted, which helps to maximize the plant's ability to absorb the nutrients. Fox farm is a high nutrients soil mixture that has worm castings, fungi, and earth humus. This is one of the number one picks by experienced growers. Fox farm helps a plant thrive, creates big buds and durable plants.

5. Fox Farm Coco Loco


This soil works well if you are starting from seed, as it does not get overly hot. It creates the perfect environment for your marijuana plants. The coco choir compound provides optimal leeway for watering and oxygen. This soil offers water holding abilities so that you do not need to water your plants as often.

6. Happy Frog

This specific one is great for transplanting and planting material. It also has fantastic nutrients, calcium, phosphorus, and fungi, which is excellent for the early stages of the plant life cycle. It increases root efficiency, and that helps to enhance water absorption.

7. Canna Organic Coco Substrate

This soil has perfect water and air balance that creates excellent conditions for growing cannabis plants. It can also be reused without the worry of disease or other issues.

8. Young Urban Farmers

This soil ensures healthy cannabis seedlings by providing your sprouts with optimal nutrients that they need in the first stages of life. It offers excellent water retention with peat perlite and vertical, helping to hold the moisture in at the roots. It, too, is made with organic worm castings.

9. Black Gold

This soil is entirely organic that makes it excellent for any kind of gardening. It has a great mix of aged bark, peat, perlite, pumice, worm castings, and organic fertilizer. It also offers excellent air and water balance. Black Gold is a perfect clean potting soil.

10. Gaia Green

This soil has excellent nutrients and is 100 percent organic. It is excellent for all your planting needs. Gaia has its fertilizer that helps your plants grow to their full potential and has glacial rock dust and fossilized carbon. This soil promotes growth for vibrant looking plants.

The soil that you pick has a tremendous impact on plant health and yield. All of the soils in this article can be found online and in stores. Remember to always pick a soil with a suitable substrate mix that will help to increase your growing success.

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