Step by step weed garden guide

Published Jan 25, 2019 05:30 p.m. ET

 You can grow cannabis from seed a lot easier than most people realize. Growing bud isn’t hard.  Cannabis plants originally got their nickname weed because of their incredible ability to spread quickly and flourish in harsh conditions. The cannabis plant is a hardy plant that doesn't require any special set up or chemistry set. It needs a reasonable amount of space and a good half day or more of sunshine and that’s all. While it is easy for any beginner to grow, you do need to follow a few specific guidelines along the way if you want to ensure the highest yields and end up with a bud that is going to have the concentrations of THC you are looking for.

How to grow marijuana

Step 1 - Choosing a strain and a seed

Before you get out the dirt and shovel, you will need to decide on a seed that is going to give you the results you are seeking. There are several things to consider here, but the first for many is yield. I browse for five of the highest yielders and then deduct further from there. Once you have done that, it’s time to look more depth into what each strain offers. For this step, consider your sensitivity to THC and the effects you want it to give you. If you are looking for something higher in THC that will make you melt at the end of a long day than you may want to begin with Indica strains. If you want a lighter, more energetic buzz, then Sativa may be better for you. Some strains offer a quickly growing period of only 60 days, and others can take the entire season to fully mature. Price quite often can be a factor. When shopping you will notice that there are two different kinds of seed. Feminized seed and regular seeds. While feminized seed does cost more, it guarantees all females, and most even come with a warranty. If choosing from the other group, then your chances of producing a male are 50/50. So, while feminized seeds are quite often double the cost, it does tend to work itself out in the end. The adding of males to the mix will also add the extra work of destroying all the male plants while wasting twice the space.

Step 2 - Choosing a spot to grow and preparing soil

Cannabis plants can survive on a mere six hours of sunshine, but the ideal spot offers full sun for 7 or more hours. Cannabis plants also like light nutrient-rich soil. Check the ground in the area you plan to plant. Is it hard to shovel? Is it clay-like? For most people, the answer to at least one of those questions are yes at which point, it would be necessary to add the most nutrient-rich soil you have access to. The best dirt is one that has added veggie safe fertilizer or a Marijuana specific fertilizer. The nutrients in the pre-fertilized soil will last 2-3 weeks. It is recommended to till the soil at least six inches deep, to ensure your plant’s root system has an easier time getting established. You will want to till a space that allows at least two square feet or more space per plant.

Step 3 - Planting


When planting directly into soil outside, you will want to wait until you see an average daily temperature of between 22 and 23 degrees Celsius to have the best success with your seeds germinating. You should plant the cannabis seeds at least 1.3 feet apart, approximately ½ inch into the soil. Water generously and wait. In three to five days you should begin to see sprouts! Now you can start to fertilize.

Step 4 - Fertilizing

You can begin fertilizing once you see all your sprouts have risen from the soil, but it is only necessary if you did not purchase pre-fertilized dirt. If you did, then you don’t need to start until at least three to four weeks after planting. When fertilizing, it is essential you make sure that none of the fertilizer touches the leaves of the plant. If manure is poured on your sprouts, it will burn them and could kill them.

Step 5 - The waiting game

Exactly how long your plants will take to fully mature will vary depending on the strain. The most commonly grown strains carry an average of 60-85 days. While waiting for your bud to be ready, be sure to keep the soil around the plants free from weeds. If there is another growth too close, it will steal the nutrients from the cannabis plants and hinder its ability to flourish.



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