How to grow weed with a little added flavor

Published May 19, 2019 10:01 a.m. ET
Image by Jacqueline Wales from Pixabay

There is a lot of debate going around about the flavor and scent profiles of marijuana plants. Now that we are learning about some of the incredibly powerful benefits that aromatics can provide, it’s become a cannabis growers number two goal to produce tasty and delicious smelling buds. This helps to sell the product, and win worldwide competitions, so it makes sense that one of the most frequently asked questions about growing marijuana is, “How does a person add flavor to plants as they grow?” The truth is that if you want to avoid potentially dangerous additives, then you are truly limited in options, but where there is a will, there's a way. Even those who are just learning how to grow weed can use some of these handy tips and tricks for either adding outside flavoring or improving on the cannabis plants natural terpene profiles.

1. Grow your cannabis plants in living soil
This is one of the best and most beneficial ways to boost the flavor in a marijuana plant as it grows. The addition of such a nutrient rich soil will help with all growth stages at the same time as boosting the plant’s production of terpenes which provide flavor and smell. Living soil is full of microorganisms that work hard to keep your plants fed in a consistent way that requires little to no intervention. The only problem with this method is that it cannot be applied to hydroponics operations.

2. Use all-natural cannabis supplements
Many of the store-bought man-made chemicals so often found in garden centers will have a negative impact on the taste of a marijuana plant. This is because those supplements are absorbed and stored in the most inner portions of the stalk and flowers. Even after an extended flushing period, some of those supplements will be present in the product, and many of them will create a harsh and unenjoyable flavor and smell. Instead, stick with recognized companies that make cannabis specific nutrients that are all natural and safe to ingest. This will naturally boost the plant’s production of already existing terpenes, and dramatically improve the taste.

3. Use taste specific supplements
There is a significant amount of debate around the safety, effectiveness, and side effects of using taste specific products that are meant to add a particular flavor to a plant. A small amount of the powder or liquid is added to the regular watering schedule which is meant to be absorbed by the plant. Many of these types of additives recommend continuing application right up until the day of harvest, but for your safety, we always suggest to only use them during the flowering stage and to discontinue their use three to six weeks before you are ready to harvest.

4. Try sugar-based supplements like molasses
There are several different options for sugar-based supplements that you can buy in the store. The purpose of this additional ingredient is to sweeten the plant from the inside out. If you can’t afford premeasure manufactured sugar-based supplements, then a cheaper and easier alternative is molasses. Not just any molasses can be used, and only unprocessed additive free all-natural molasses are safe to use in this manner. All of these can be slowly combined with the watering regime to artificially produce a sweet like sugar flavor in cannabis buds come harvest time.


5. Refrain from using all nutrients during a flush that lasts three to six weeks
This is a critical component in producing the best tasting cannabis possible and should always begin at least three weeks before harvest. This period should be nutrient free, and water should be increased as you slowly work to help the plant release any of the built of supplements that still exist within it. No supplements, nutrients, chemicals, or anything else other than water should be given to the plant during its last few weeks of life.

The most important thing to remember is that if you start with weed strains that will naturally produce an unappealing taste, then you will likely be unsuccessful in changing the flavor so much in any natural way that you suddenly love it. For situations like that, you can buy containers of popular terpenes to sprinkle over already dry buds creating a flavor infused cannabis product. For the best results in the way your marijuana tastes and smells you will need to start with strains that offer appealing qualities in their genetic makeup. From there, it is easy to take some extra steps and produce a delicious tasting bud every single harvest, with little to no effort at all.

Do you know of any other unique or effective ways to add a boost of flavor as you grow? We want to hear about it! Share your experiences with us down below with a quick comment.



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