How to get bigger buds during flowering

Published Feb 21, 2019 12:56 p.m. ET

Pruning, training feeding, and proper light are four things that are imperative to producing large sticky big buds. Pruning: buds will grow at every contact area between the stalk and branch the term used for this area is the nodes. One might think that the larger the plant, the more nodes. This could get you excited thinking huge amounts of buds are coming your way. Sorry, my friend but that is just not so. The nodes that are lower on the plants stalk away from the canopy will not be healthy enough to produce the type of buds you want. These nodes are not getting adequate light which is needed for healthy growth. Trim them away.

How to grow big buds

It is important to train your plants: try to make an even playing field, as far as light is concerned with the plant. Instead of having one large cola that will dictate the distribution of light over the plant, try tying down the top branches of the plant. Doing this will promote the rest of the branches to develop evenly. So now all colas are getting an equal light source.

Ensuring that your plant is getting the right nutrients will also promote the buds you are looking for; Phosphorus is the nutrient that is commonly used in the flowering stages. While without the nitrogen application during the vegetation stage the foundation of the plant would not have the best beginning, and without a good beginning, the possibilities of big sticky buds and higher yields dwindle.  If you are planting outdoors as the plant is entering the flowering stage, this is the time to use your worm castings. This will boost the phosphorous levels.

When we talk about the best lighting for your plant, we need to discuss how and where to plant. The best place, on a south-facing slope, taking note to be sure your planting your plants far enough apart. Each plant needs to get the sun on all sides.

I think it is important to mention that temperature is another element in producing that big sticky bud. Temperatures above 30 degrees Celsius during the daylight period are an issue. This temperature can stunt the flowering and will also affect the bud adversely.

There are other means to assist with the formation of the perfect bud. Bloom Busters aid in the formation of great buds. Pumping sugars and amino acids, along with phosphorous and potassium into a healthy plant will ensure a positive result.


Strains with big buds

The perfect bud can’t be grown from any seed, the choice of your seed will help not only with the size of the bud but also the yield from the plant. Some strains are much more conducive to a big bud grow then others. You won’t get the biggest bud ever grown with a small bud-producing strain.

The strain that honors its name, Big Bud, has seeds well known for producing large buds.

Northern lights, these seeds are great for indoor or outdoor, the plant emits a low odor, perfect for not bringing attention to the crop.

A pure sativa strain that is popular for its uplifting sweet smell is Durban Poison, it also usually grows into big weed plants.

However, you plant and whatever seeds you plant, remember all the time and effort you have taken will be well worth it when you consume your first big sticky bud from your plant.



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