How to find other marijuana growers and tips for comparing notes

Published Jul 26, 2019 11:32 a.m. ET
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If you are new at growing marijuana, then having a few reliable sources to turn to for relevant information can be priceless, but where do you go for such a thing? Most social media platforms and even search engines are quietly censoring online content that has anything to do with pot. Most people turn to good old reliable YouTube when something breaks and they need to know how to fix it, but with growing marijuana videos, it just isn’t that easy. With weed seeds and cannabis products now legal in much of the world, it is difficult for some to understand why this information remains so elusive. Unfortunately, many of the largest online companies must adhere to the rules of all the countries that they service. Those that are located in regions like the United States are unable to break their own state and federal laws without causing potential consequences for themselves.

So, if the big online players aren’t participating, then where does one go to seek out need to know information on how to grow marijuana? Well, the connections are there, you just have to know where to look for them. Here you will find 5 reliable ways to connect with other growers and learn everything that you might want to know at every step of the journey. Whether you are only considering the possibility of growing marijuana or have already begun all the online sources listed here are sure to come in handy at some point.

1. Weed Tube
If you are a longtime fan of YouTube, then this video-based social media platform might be just your style. Though it doesn’t directly put you into contact with other growers from your area, anyone in the world can post. Here you will find how-to guides for cultivating, curing, nutrients and grow setups from both beginner and experienced producers.

Website: www.weedtube.com

2. Growers Network
The grower's network consists of thousands of educational articles that are linked to sources that you can trust. This online community offers trustworthy advice that is inspiring for anyone that is learning how to grow marijuana. Regardless of their experience level.

Website: https://growersnetwork.org

3. Grass City forums
Grass City is dedicated to all things cannabis, so cultivation is only one subject that is discussed here. Find everything you need on how to grow marijuana, where to buy supplies, how to make concentrates, and thousands of interactive forums for random conversation amongst fellow growers.

Website: https://forum.grasscity.com

4. THC Farmer
These forums are geared towards all topics that are involved with growing marijuana, and their extensive weed seeds catalog makes it a great place to stock up on the essentials, while also learning how to grow marijuana using hundreds of different tips, tricks and techniques that have been used by both inexperienced and seasoned producers alike.


Website: https://www.thcfarmer.com

5. I Love Growing Marijuana
This website was designed to be a support page and safe space for cannabis enthusiasts to learn more about the plant that they love to grow. Including topics that range from beginner level to intermediate for both indoor and outdoor growing, if you want to learn how to grow marijuana successfully, then this is an excellent place to start.

Website: https://support.ilovegrowingmarijuana.com/

Tips and tricks for comparing notes

• Do not compare yourself to more experienced cultivators, as it will only lead to disappointment. Growing marijuana is a skill that is learned through trial, error and plenty of education. It is not a hobby that generally transforms into perfection overnight, so be patient and don’t worry about competing.

• Look for growers that have tried new and exciting methods that you haven't heard of yet. Though it is nice to bounce ideas off someone who has perfected growing marijuana the way that you have tried. It’s much more educational to get one on one information regarding techniques that might help to improve your skills.

• Keep a detailed log of your own growing marijuana plants. Most producers will be more motivated to spend time speaking with someone else that has the information they might be seeking, but It can be difficult to get responses from users to compare notes with if you have nothing to offer in return.

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