DIY- How to build a grow tent for growing marijuana

Published Oct 4, 2019 10:00 a.m. ET
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After decades of persecution, activism and struggle, much of which still occurs in some areas of the world today, a general shift of societies perception took place that led to legalization in several countries and over 30 states in the US. Growing marijuana is now considered to be a perfectly acceptable hobby, and you don’t have to be an avid consumer to enjoy this exciting activity.

The problem for most who are interested in cultivating a weed plant, is the start-up cost, which is in general, murky waters that can be challenging, even for an experienced grower to predict with 100% accuracy. Especially if your plan includes a hefty investment into grow lights, grow tents, and whatever else looks good along the way, as manufactured cannabis industry items can easily run into the thousands before ever getting a seed into the ground.

One of the hottest and most purchased startup products for growing marijuana are grow tents, which provide a variety of benefits to both indoor and outdoor growers, and while there is no denying the perks that come with the investment, there are many cheaper ways to get the very same results. One of them is to put on your working hat, get out the hand saw, and toss together one of your own design which is ideal for anyone who is growing marijuana with specific needs in mind, that isn’t always covered by traditional premanufactured options, such as working within a long thin space.

How to build a grow tent for cannabis

The first thing that you will need to do before making a grow tent establishes the location that you need it to fit within. The materials measurements provided here will result in an area that is perfect for growing up to 2 cannabis plants, and it will measure 5-feet tall by 2-feet wide when complete. Once you know where you are putting it, and how big it needs to be, you can pick out a material to use as a cover. If you will be growing marijuana indoors, then a reflective option is going to be ideal, but for outdoor growers, a transparent or semi-transparent choice will be the most effective for recreating a greenhouse effect. The next thing to aim for is a material that is sturdy and will hold up to wear and tear, but one that is also easy to sew together by hand.


  • 1-inch PVC pipe
  • 8 1-inch corner PVC pieces
  • Covering material
  • Thread
  • Needle


  • Hand saw
  • Permanent glue (optional)


  1. The first thing that we need to do is build up a base for the grow tent that will help to provide stability and strength; enough to hold up the materials we will be adding later on. To do so, use a hand saw to cut up the PVC pipe into the ideal lengths. Ultimately, you will want to cut 4 5ft long pieces, and 16 at 2-ft long.

  • Once all of the piping has been cut, it is time to put the pieces of this puzzle together, and that is as easy as gently pressing the corner pieces and pipes together. If you wish you can also use super glue to make this a permanent cure fixture, but that does negate the perk of having an easy to collapse and store grow tent.

  • Now you should have a bare structure that stands 5 feet tall and is 2 feet wide. The openings should form perfect rectangles, so if anything looks bent, or off, then now is the best time to make the necessary adjustments.

  • Finally, it is time to create the coverage that will help to promote health and speed up growth by forming a protective barrier. Measure and cut pieces of material that are just slightly larger than the structure so that it easily slides over it, the exact measurements of each section are as follows:

    • Four 5ftx2ft
    • One 2x2
    1. Stitch all of the sections into place using a strong thread and needle until all of the edges are connected. At this point, the material should look like a square tunnel.

    2. Slide the cover over the top of the PVS structure, now you have officially finished your very own grow tent that is perfect for any weed plant.

    The only other thing to remember is that you will need sufficient light for your marijuana plant to thrive, so if you are cultivating with this grow tent indoors, then you are going to need to purchase a small UV light to install onto the PVC pipe. Sticking with UV keeps fire risk low, as they run much cooler and are also energy-efficient, which will help to keep even more money in your pocket in the long run.

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