Cannabis clones on sale legally in Canada

Published Feb 15, 2019 12:28 p.m. ET
Thank your friend who can lawfully grow medical cannabis, for “gifting” you some plants to grow. No longer does he have to “gift” your clones. You can now buy them legally for your own recreational purposes. 

Legal weed clones for sale in Canada

Take time to look out for a few things when purchasing your clones. A regulated supplier is of course high in the considerations when choosing your supplier.

One of the benefits of using marijuana clones is that your gardening experience will start improving, right from the decision of whether to go with clones vs seeds. Make sure your plants and the soil or medium they arrive in is disease and parasite free. You will have a shorter period till yielding your harvest. There is consistency in the size of your plant the potency and yield, always. Clones growth cycles are all at the same time; this produces a harvest at the same time on all plants.

When you order your clones,they will be shipped to you in a Clone shipper. This enables plants to be shipped safely and healthy to you. Natural MedCo is the first company in Canada to offer the recreational user an opportunity to purchase clones. The companies Eve brand is known as a brand for all women achieved in getting their clones into the market in Newfoundland, ahead of other competitors. The industry watchdogs look for the recreational home growing of cannabis to be worth hundreds of millions of dollars. Very similar to the home brew industry today.

This is what companies across Canada have been waiting for, there needed to be the access legally to starting supplies. Yes, Canada legalizes cannabis, but unfortunately, the ability to have access to the needed seeds or clones was delayed. This was about the recreational users; medically needed clones have been accessible to medical cannabis users.

In general cannabis users that did not have the privilege of cultivating their own from healthy regulated legal clones. They did, however, contribute to the online marijuana sales in Canada in huge amounts.

Here is a breakdown on only the shipping fees that were collected per order:


Prince Edward Island: $7.00
New Brunswick: $7.00
Newfoundland: $10 minimum
Nova Scotia: $6.09
Quebec: $5.00
Ontario: $5.65
Manitoba: $7.95
Alberta: $9.95
Nunavut: $9.00
NWT $12.47
Yukon: $12.00
British Columbia $10.00

Cannabis clones online

These shipping costs are incurred by the consumer. Cannabis consumers are also responsible for paying HST and now an excise tax. The addition of the excise tax to the purchase of marijuana will be approximately $1.00 per gram additional cost. This will be charged on all online medical or recreational cannabis.

It is interesting to note that even with the exuberant fees that are being charged for the delivery of what for some is a medication is the sales are fast becoming a tangible component for the alcohol industry.

Online marijuana sales in Canada will continue to flourish, and the beautiful plant whether grown from your marijuana clone or purchased online remains an appreciated plant that fulfills its medical and recreational obligations every time.



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