5 Steps to growing a giant cannabis plant

Published May 28, 2022 01:00 p.m. ET
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We’ve all seen those jaw-dropping images of giant cannabis plants towering over a proud grower, and it’s kind of hard not to want to dream big after seeing them. Growing cannabis, for most, results in average-sized specimens based on genetics and environment. Some might be short and bushlike, while others can stand as much as 6 feet tall, but those measurements probably don’t come close to the largest one you’ve seen in magazines and online photos.

If creating your own monstrosity is the goal, then it’s important to know that there are many different things that might impact the size of a cannabis plant. Starting out with realistic expectations is an excellent advantage. Still, you’ll need to take these five necessary steps if you want to succeed on this quest for record-breaking results.

1. Start with good genetics

Growing cannabis that reaches epic proportions is an art that begins with only the best genetics, which is proven to provide results that are larger than life. If you begin this adventure using seeds or clones from a cultivar that typically grows only a few feet at most, then you’re not likely to see the dreamy giant you’re looking for. Instead, go for a strain that is well known for reaching sky-high sizes. The bigger, the better!

2. Steer clear of clones

Clones are a great way to maintain a specific genetic line by making hundreds of identical copies of a much-loved mother plant, but no matter what its lineage might be, starting out this way will guarantee a shorter and stockier plant. If the size is your number one priority, then you’re far better off sticking with regular old seeds. In fact, it might even be worth staying away from feminized seeds for reasons you’ll soon learn in our next step.

3. Grow male plants

Though the idea is highly controversial because doing so is problematic for any other growers in your area whose female plants might be pollinated. However, if you’re aiming for a giant cannabis plant, then it’s the best way to do so because they naturally grow much larger than females. This is due to the fact they expend much less energy on producing flower, instead opting to focus on seed production and height to improve the distance their pollen may travel. For the aforementioned reasons, we highly recommend doing this away from neighbours who might also be maintaining an outdoor grow.


4. Provide the perfect spot outdoors

Good genetics are essential but so is providing and maintaining a healthy environment for your giant cannabis plant, and that’s not always easy. You’ll need a really healthy soil base, a spot with plenty of natural light, and a plot big enough for this project to stretch out without touching anything that might shade or kill new growth.

5. Take good care of it, and don’t shy away from gentle fertilizers

If you want to grow the biggest cannabis plant, then you’ll need to put the energy and effort into caring for it on a regular basis. Weeds around the base should be pulled. Water will be needed at the end of the hottest days and during times without much rain, and in some cases, support may even be required to ensure such a thick bush stays standing. Since this is likely a male, and you probably have no intention of consuming its yield, then you can also experiment with gentle fertilizers. Just be sure to do so with the utmost caution to avoid scalding.

To produce a giant cannabis plant, it’s going to take time, patience, and in many cases, trial and error or a stroke of good luck, as the process isn’t an exact science, but don’t give up hope. You’ll get there!

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