10 Reasons why you should ditch the idea of a grow room

Published Jun 24, 2020 09:00 a.m. ET
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When you first start researching what it takes to grow cannabis, you might find yourself under the impression that an elaborate indoor setup is necessary, but the truth is that mother nature has a whole lot to offer, and there are numerous downsides to this kind of experiment that you should definitely consider before diving in. Luckily, you’ve got us to help you to make the decision, and today we’re going to try our best to explain why growing marijuana this way might not offer the most ideal experience.

1. Growing indoor plants can be expensive

If you’re going to go through the hassle of setting up and indoor grow room, it’s not just the time that you’ll be out, as it costs quite a bit of money to get something together that even vaguely resembles the big grow rooms you’ve probably seen on television. Grow lights, timers, pots, fertilizers, and the hydro to keep everything going isn’t a cheap endeavor, and you can avoid all of that by growing in an outdoor garden instead.

2. Fire risks are increased

The lights, timers, and anything else automated that you put into a grow room will draw significant amounts of electricity, and this tends to produce heat. Though a warm room alone isn’t enough to spark a massive fire, all it takes is a bulb getting too close to the wall or a leaf, and the whole thing can go up in smoke a whole lot faster than some people realize. This is especially true if you have to leave your indoor plants unattended for more than a day, and it’s a risk that is completely eliminated if you opt to use the natural one instead.

3. A grow room creates an environment ideal for mold

Even after you’ve considered the risk and cost associated with a grow room, you’ll need to consider what all of these elements bring together. A grow room has soil, water, and heat, and that’s really all that it takes to start on what could eventually be a big mold problem. Whether it’s a mold that travels stealthily along the top of the soil or the more devastating kind that slowly creeps deep into walls, floors, and windowsills, the results can be bad for both your health and your pocket.

4. Additional heat isn’t always fun

If it’s winter when you start growing marijuana indoors, then the extra heat might not be too much of a bother, but once the warmer months in spring and summer come around, you may soon regret the decision to add a grow room. Unfortunately, the combination of heat and humidity due to grow lights can make the room really warm, and since most houses are designed to circulate the air, this heat is distributed throughout the entire house, making it most difficult and expensive to get cool.

5. It’s a lot of work

To build a successful grow room that has everything you’ll need to keep both your plants and your home as safe as possible, it takes a lot of work, time, and energy. You need to construct shelves, or a grow tent, check on everything once each day so that you can water your cannabis plants and watch for potential issues, and you have to install things like CO2 filters, air exchange units, and lights. This is all necessary just to mimic the great outdoors, so why waste the effort?

6. Indoor plants are often worse for your health

A lot of people are under the impression that growing marijuana in a space that you can consistently control and monitor is the best possible thing that you could do for your health and that of your crop, but the truth is that nutrients and high doses of fertilizers are often used in grow rooms, in excessive amounts. This can significantly alter the taste, smell, harshness, and residual toxins that end up in the buds that you’ll eventually want to consume, and no one wants that.


7. They might not keep your plants as safe as you think

Some folks opt for a grow room because it seems like the safest option, as the four walls and locks on the door will make them feel a bit better about the investment, but these enclosed spaces aren’t necessarily more secure in the ways that matter most. Grow rooms are actually more prone to diseases like root rot, and if you have pets or pests that find their way in, the damage can be difficult and in some cases, impossible to come back from, issues that are often much easier to manage in an outdoor environment.

8. A grow room takes up a lot of space

Of course, this all depends on the place that you choose to use as a grow room, as some setups are almost as economical as an outdoor garden, but in all cases, an indoor grow room will take up more space than literally any other way that there is out there. Dedicating an entire bedroom or storage area to this task will eat up precious space that you could be living in, and for many, this reason alone is plenty enough to ditch the idea of a grow room.

9. Indoor plants attract bugs

Having some extra greenery in the house doesn’t seem like such a bad idea until you realize all of the problems that can go with it, like creepy crawly pests that are hard to get rid of. Sure, there are more well-known ones that attack indoor plants like spider mites, but there are also ants and potato bugs, and any other little creature that you’ve tried to keep out of your house, as they all like damp and warm soil which is widely available in an indoor grow room.

10. Growing marijuana outdoors is so much easier in every way

When you choose to cultivate cannabis plants inside of a grow room, there is so much that goes into it from beginning to end, and hardly anything is needed to plant a few healthy seedlings in the ground outdoors, as mother nature will do all of the heavy lifting for you. Growing marijuana indoors leads to everything being more, like higher bills, more heat, far too much moisture, and a tonne of set up that, if done incorrectly, can adversely influence the outcome of your crop. So why would you go through all of that effort when there are better, more painless ways to do it?

What to do instead

You can always grow indoor plants, but no matter where they sit, you will run into many of the same issues we’ve listed above. The very best thing to do is to start growing your cannabis plants outdoors in a properly placed flowerbed. That way, you can avoid most of these problems, and even if any of them do come about, they will be a whole lot easier to manage, as the issue will be outside of the home, and you’ll have a much smaller financial investment in the end.

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