What countries does marijuana grow in?

Published Mar 4, 2019 01:35 p.m. ET

Cannabis grows wild almost all over the world.  It’s safe to say that cannabis originated in south-central Asia, in the mountain regions of Hindu Kush in Pakistan a million years ago. The seeds were transported by humans while traveling. The story goes that the seeds were used for food and medicinal uses while travelling. The seeds were planted, and they adapted to their new environment. Over time the strains from these plants were named landrace strains.

Today we can find wild cannabis, or you might have heard it referred to as ditch weed, some even call it feral cannabis, just about anywhere from North America to Asia and Africa. The wild weed you see growing is probably descended from the industrial hemp plant. Wild marijuana does well in climates that are humid and warm. That’s strange when you think of where it originated, in cool,dry mountain regions. One area that you may have a hard time finding wild marijuana is in a hot desert like type of climate.

How does marijuana grow in the wild?

These plants show no evidence that anyone planted them.  How are they flourishing? I think these were the questions that the DEA in 2003 were asking themselves. Back then, ditch weed accounted for 99% of eradicated weed from the DEA.

In the USA, ditch or wild marijuana grows like dandelions according to some people in Indiana. The wild seeds are spread by the birds and animals that consume the plant for food. The seeds can stay dormant before growing into mature plants for up to ten years. So, I think we will see wild marijuana growing for a while yet.


There are places in Europe that have wild marijuana as well. Most often wild marijuana plants in Europe are cannabis ruderalis, a short plant with low levels of THC, that adapted to grow in more rugged environments. Cannabis ruderalis contains higher amounts of CBD than THC. If you are looking for a “high,” perhaps this is not for you. Though if you suffer from depression and live in Mongolia, this might work, the plant was also used in Russian folklore for the treatment of depression.

Let’s look at where to find wild marijuana plants here:

  1. Knowing the life cycle of the marijuana plant will help. Usually, around August, you might see a flowering plant when you are out in the woods.
  2. Picture the plant in your mind know what the leaves and flowers look like; wild weed can come in different colors shapes and sizes.
  3. Look for areas that have natural light exposure, check on the trails that you walk.
  4. Make sure that you are looking at wild marijuana and not someone’s little secret garden.

If your timing is correct and you are out in the woods around late August or early September, perhaps you may find some wild marijuana yourself. The smell and looks can fool you into thinking you have stumbled onto a cannabis plant. Sorry, don’t get all excited, this beautiful looking plant will probably not get you high, even if you smoke the whole plant.



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