When it’s the right time to get a new vape or vape components

Published Feb 26, 2019 00:46 a.m. ET

Whether you are new to vaping or experienced in using vape devices, chances are that you have already noticed that vape juice, vape mods, vape coils, pens, devices, and batteries can all add up to a substantial investment. Most people hope that the expensive purchase is a one-time deal, or in the very least, something they don’t have to fork out money for on any kind of routine basis. The problem with that is, vaping devices will all require regular maintenance and sometimes that means either getting a new part or a completely new vape altogether.

Reasons to get a new vape

When is it time to start looking for a new vape? Well, that will depend on a few things including your vape functionality and your personal preference. A working vape isn’t the same as an efficient one, and things like flavor and quality will go downhill as the various parts on your pen degrade.

  1. Broken device - The number one reason vapers find themselves on the market for a brand new vape is that their regular device has stopped working entirely. At this point, there really aren’t any other options to consider.

  2. Problems with a vape - The second most common reason for buying a new vape is when user’s start having issues with the one that they already own. It might be that it is difficult to exchange or purchase different components, or that a specific feature or function has stopped working as it should, it may be interrupting or ruining your vaping experience. Though there are some tips and tricks for figuring out which parts need replacing, many have no idea where to begin and find it too overwhelming to try so they would rather buy a new vape to avoid the stress instead.

  3. New vape designs available - Sometimes there is nothing at all wrong with your device, but an upgrade is something that would be both appealing and beneficial to the overall vaping experience. With technology continuously evolving every single year, new features and designs can offer functions that may not have been available before.

Reasons to buy new vape components


Every single component that is found within a vape serves a specific purpose, and when one of those parts stops acting the way that it should, it can often affect the functioning of other pieces throwing the entire process out of whack. If your vape tastes burnt, is taking too long to heat up, or just isn’t producing a large cloud of vapor anymore than it’s time to buy a new vape part. Now not all vapes can be easily fixed, but the majority of high-quality vapes and vape pens are able to be quickly and easily taken apart to replace a broken essential component. Here are the necessary functioning parts of a vape pen and problems that you might experience when one needs to be replaced.

New vape - You will need an entirely new vape if you have a model that doesn’t allow for the replacement of vital parts, or if cartridges you would like to use are just not available for it.

Vape mods - If you have a vape mod on your device then it will likely contain the battery and decide and or control the temperature the vape is able to reach. If you are switching the type of filler or juice that you would like to use in your vape, than you may require a new vape mod.

Vape coil - Vape coils are one of the most disposable components of a vape pen and are most often the culprit when a vape stops producing the expected amount of vapor or stops heating the juice at all. Sometimes one vape coil refusing to work is enough to result in a vape tasting burnt or just not working correctly. Coils will often come with a new vape and replacing them is relatively simple and should be done on a regular basis, long before they stop working entirely to avoid any potential problems.

Vape juice- If you notice your vape tastes burnt all of a sudden then there are a few potential reasons for this. The first and most common is that the tank has run completely dry. A dry tank will result in the wick being heated instead of the juice which gives a distinct burnt taste. Other times it happens when a wick hasn’t had the ability to absorb enough of the juice yet. To avoid that you can make sure to leave your tanks for 20 minutes or so to rest after they are filled before using them. Now if neither of those things cures the burnt taste, then you may just have gotten a bad batch of vape juice. Juices will only last so long while stored, and often have additives that can give a similar burnt taste when heated. Sometimes a brand-new bottle of vape juice is all that you need.

Vape battery- You will know your vape battery is due for an upgrade if you notice a reduction in the time the vape lasts while being used, or if a charge is taking longer than usual. Sometimes it will appear as though the battery is holding a load while the vape repeatedly fails to reach the required temperatures which can result in no vapor, low vapor, or a slightly burnt taste.



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