What is marijuana shake?

Published Jan 29, 2019 02:47 p.m. ET

The residue that falls of the bud is called “shake”, it ends up in the bottom of your jar or baggie. People don’t smoke shake, so what is there to do with it? Plenty. You can vape it, but it won't taste the best. Vaping may help to cut down on the harshness associated with the shake though. There are plenty of other things to do with it.

Infused alcohol

This is a wonderful way to use the shake. Hopefully, you enjoy a little taste now and then. Start with purchasing alcohol that is 100% proof or more. Rinse and grind your decarboxylated shake, fill a glass jar with the shake. Cover the shake with the alcohol screw on lid tightly and store for a couple of weeks in a cool dark place. After this time passes, you will have a delicious base for any of your cocktails.

Dry and flaky skin? You can use the shake to calm those hot nerve endings that accompany your dry skin — the plant material that was used for butter or oil infusion will work perfectly for this treatment. You need only apply this to the affected areas.

Thirsty for some tea? Let me suggest another way to use that mighty shake. This concoction involves using milk in your tea. First, take a ¼ cup of the decarboxylated shake or stem and add a ½ cup of water and milk. Simmer this for about 10 minutes stirring constantly. Now remove from the heat, strain through a cheesecloth and add this mixture to your tea.

If you really can't think of anything else to do with the shake you can roll a joint and smoke it. It might have a terrible taste, might give you a headache and it might even burn your best shirt, due to its sporadic burning. Like I said it's not the best but better than nothing. You will get a high eventually.


Dispensaries That Sell Shake

Here’s a tip, don’t think about buying shake from a dispensary, you might think you can buy some form of shake product, but it’s not worth it. Shake is the main ingredient in most pre-rolled joints that you purchase at the dispensary anyway. It’s not recommended to use anyone else’s shake either; say you get an offer for a cheap ounce of shake weed, you never know where it’s been, don’t buy it. Using your shake, say in edibles, is efficient enough, any other shake isn’t worth it.

Using shake is a great way of cutting down on the expense that bud can be when making cannabutter. Shake is the same as bud but in smaller pieces.

There are a few more drawbacks to shake other than a sore throat and bad smell. Dryness can be an issue with the shake; maybe you left the jar open when you were using the bud. It could be just that you have had it laying around for a while. The shake does oxidize faster it has more surface area than tight buds. Make sure that you check that your shake is stored in a closed jar. If you have a good dispensary,they will have removed any stems from the shake before you purchase it.

Be careful of terminology used when referring to shake some people use the term trim. Different, trim is an unwanted plant matter that has been trimmed from the plant. Trim is harsh and not an enjoyable taste or for that matter aroma. Stay away from it.



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