What does bad weed look like?

Published Mar 26, 2019 12:19 p.m. ET

Did anyone see Reggie? If you answered yes, stay away from it. Reggie is a term for bad weed or low-quality weed. It is smoke-able but only as a last resort would you want to use it. It will be very harsh on the lungs, very dry and seedy. You might even confuse it with grass cuttings, the kind of grass on your lawn. You will not notice any little hairs like you see on quality buds. Like I mentioned before you can smoke it, but you will have seeds popping while you smoke, not my cup of tea, but the choice is up to you. Here are some other names that will indicate that the weed you have is of low quality.

Schwag, ditch weed, brick bud and shake.

Good weed vs bad weed

Bad Weed: Reggie 15%

No real buzz off this one for sure. If you are a regular smoker, you probably won’t get anything off this weed. For the beginner, you may notice a little feeling of relaxation.

The taste is not going to be the best. If skunky and very harsh are your favorite smoke, enjoy my friend. It’s not going to be the worst taste but no hints of citrus or pine for example in this one.

Effects from Reggie may be instant but relatively mild, and you will enjoy the munchies effect with this one, keep the chip bowl close.

So, Reggie may fit the need for a mild relaxing end of the day. But if its medical strains you are looking for, sorry keep looking this is not the way to go.


Now let's compare dense weed, high quality weed and good weed

The feeling from this weed is top notch. You will be totally relaxed with this, and at the same time, your pain will diminish considerably.

The taste will be enjoyable, depending on the strain you might enjoy spicy or lemony components.

The effects will be fast hitting and powerful. You will feel giggly and nice probably for a couple of hours. Because of its high potency, people use it medicinally. THC levels around 34%.

Fake weed nugs

Fake weed nugs are not marijuana and can go by several different names. K2 or synthetic marijuana and spice, just to name a few different titles for fake weed nugs. The effects from this fake weed nug can include confusion, rapid heartbeats and vomiting. One may think that because the name of the product includes the word marijuana, that it is the same as the real bud, it is not, and it can be dangerous to those that use it. Remember this is a synthetic manufactured product, if you are not sure that your weed is natural, take time to look at the basics. Does it look like regular weed you have purchased before; does it smell like weed or does it smell like chemicals? If your conclusion is that it meets the requirements of being a fake weed nug don’t use it. Hallucinations from using the fake nugs have been reported along with terrible headaches.

Not me my friend, I will stick with the natural plant, how about you?



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