Vaping 101

Published Mar 21, 2019 11:30 a.m. ET

Do you know all there is to know about liquid weed vape oil?

Let's start by looking at what some people think about vaporizing or vaping. It is common knowledge that vaping is safer than smoking, or so people are led to believe. The problem here lies with the vape pen or the vaporizer itself; also the vape juices. Many of the vapes are cheaply manufactured and have unreliable e coils. This tends to produce an unstable heat source. This defeats the purpose of vaping, being able to keep the coil at a temperature that you want.

What e liquids should I get?

Consider two questions when deciding which e liquids you should get. Do you want THC or CBD? THC e liquid will get you a psychoactive high while CBD will help with pain relief and anxiety, among other things. When purchasing your pre-filled vape pens be careful that your buying from a reputable source.

Let's look at the best way to pick the right oils or liquids:

Is the oil homogeneous, uniform looking? There should be no separation like what happens with oil and water. The clearer the liquid, the better the quality and purity are, it should look like honey, not thick or cloudy.

Your cannabis juice should be extracted using a C02 method. This will avoid any harsh chemical solvent sometimes used in other methods of extraction.

Something to remember when choosing your liquids for vaping is if it tastes really bad, it could be formaldehyde.

Alternative uses for vape juice

THC e juice can be used to make super potent edibles. It is extracted from buds and processed into vape juice that you can also inhale at low temperatures. If you are a culinary genius, why not try infusing your gourmet dishes with the juice. It is amazing what you can produce in your kitchen with THC e-liquid. If you are the traditional cookie or brownie type of edible eater feel free to use your juice in that way too.


The effect of liquid THC, if not taken in responsible doses, can lead to an undesired effect. You could envoke severe panic attacks, so be careful. Reported cases of overdose from THC are not substantiated, but too much THC can take you on a bad hallucinogenic trip.

The liquid form of cannabis is beneficial; liquid THC offers great therapeutic benefit for those suffering with chronic pain or nausea.

The quality of the extraction and the processes that were used for the infusion can result in liquid THC being as high as 90% psychoactive cannabinoid level.

What E liquid should I get?

Here are some THC e-juice you might enjoy:

2000mg THC Distillate eJuice with Sour Tangie Terpene costs about $120

2000mg THC Distillate e-juice with Harlequin Terpene costs about $120

2000mg THC Distillate e-juice with Blueberry Kush Terpene costs about $120

However you choose to use your liquid weed vape juice do it responsibly, if doing it for your health make sure you consult with marijuana educated medical professionals and research where and how your THC e-liquid was made. Be careful read the label and choose a reputable supplier. Enjoy.                            



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