Top THC potency testers of 2019

Published Oct 23, 2019 01:00 p.m. ET
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The testing of weed today, especially if you live in a legal region like Canada, is big business. The legalization of marijuana on October 17, 2018, created a reason for nearly every legal age person residing in Canada to want a THC potency tester. As we legally grow our four plants, we will eventually need a potency tester for our finished product.

Yes, as a recreational user, you may not be too concerned about the potency of the THC oil you have produced for your medicine.  However, if you are growing your plants for medical issues, you do need to be sure of the potency of each plant that you are using, which is where the THC test kit comes in handy. For those whose niche is edibles, purchasing a potency THC test kit will help to ensure that your edibles are of the correct potency for you and your guests to enjoy.

A few at-home potency test kits worth checking out

1. CB Scientific Test 4 Kit
Cost: 49.95
This is a perfect kit that works with flowers, extracts like shatter, and oils. THC and CBD are both tested with this package that allows for six separate tests. A colour chart comes with this starter bundle as well, which is what you will be comparing your test vial results with to determine the potency. However, for some growers, this kit may have a drawback as the test tops out for THC at 20% and 2.5 % for CBD.

2. Alpha-Cat Regular Test Kit
Cost: $479.66
Check out one of the most commonly used cannabis testing kits from Alpha-Cat. This kit works on numerous products, such as edibles, tinctures, shatter, and concentrates, and the results of this test are dependent on a visual assertation. Forty tests in total are included.

3. MyDx Analyzer
Cost: 699.00
Are you looking for sophistication? If so, then this portable kit is ideal as it comes with a smartphone app along with a cannabis-specific sensor. This is a multi-use chemical analyzer that checks for potency and safety of marijuana samples. If you need to test for specific cannabinoids, including THC, CBD, CBN, or over 20 terpenes, this one is the test for you. A complete chemical analysis of your four legal home-grown plants is guaranteed with this test.


4. Cannalytics Supply’s 16/20 THC kit
Cost: $99.00
This introductory kit will allow you to conduct up to 20 tests. A Thin Layer Chromatography (TLC) science kit is used for the testing results of this deal and flowers, edibles, and hash can all be tested with this kit. Just remember to keep in mind that this kit does not work with products containing glycerin.

5. tCheck
Cost: $199-$439
This tester allows the accurate measuring of the strength of your infusions in less than six minutes. You can collect live readings using the tCheck and your phone. The expansion kit version enables the checking of concentrates and flowers, including THC oil, wax, rosin, and shatter, with results in 60 seconds for testing infusions. Testing concentrates and flowers receive results in as little as 5 minutes.
Note to remember: hemp oil and CBD in butter testing is not supported with this kit.

Testing your cannabis products is part of the responsibility that you have when using cannabis edibles, shatter, bud, or any form of the plant, and these easy and affordable home kits will provide an accurate and safe way of doing this.

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