The easiest way to clean your pipes bowls and bongs

Published Jan 29, 2019 02:27 p.m. ET

It’s a tale as old as time. Our precious collectibles start brand new and shiny. They draw with ease and taste fresh and clean. Then before we know it everything is coated in a thick black sticky substance that more resembles tar than the glorious green you have been putting through it. One day you take out your favorite piece, and you can no longer draw off it. Some folks at that point would give up. You would be surprised by how many people have no idea how to clean a bong. The piece would get either tossed or set up on a shelf and forgotten. That is if we didn't decide to try to poke something through the bowl shattering the stem before we even got that far. If it’s so clogged you nothing moves, there’s still hope, there is a way. The easiest way to clean is safe for any metal pipes and bongs, glass pipes, bong pieces, and even cheap glass bongs. To properly clean your equipment, you will need to pick up a few things first.


  • 1 bottle of Orange-based paraphernalia cleaner or alcohol (This will do all the hardest work for you)
  • 1 set of bendable wire brushes
  • 1 container or bucket


Please be cautious when using any alcohol or bong cleaner. It is extremely flammable and should be used in a well-ventilated room or outside. You should never smoke while doing this.

Step 1 - Take apart your bong, pipe or other paraphernalia as much as possible. Remove any plastic seals.

Step 2 - Place paraphernalia pieces into a container or bucket just large enough to hold them.


Step 3 - Open the bottle of either bong cleaner or alcohol. Slowly coat every piece as much as possible ensuring that it gets in every crevice. Let sit for 30 minutes.

Step 4 - Pull the pieces out of the solution and rinse thoroughly with warm water.

Step 5 - Pull out your wire brushes and pick one that suits the size of the equipment you are cleaning. Gently use the brushes to push all the black residue out of the various chambers. If for some reason you can't make it all the way through, then you may need to soak it again. Do not force it as you don’t want anything to break under pressure. Gently scrub away the tar with a back and forth motion. Soaking the brush with the solution will help break up anything that is left.

Step 6 - Rinse again and allow to completely dry before putting all pieces back together and attempting to use it.

You do not want to smoke any residuals from this solution, so it needs to be completely dry, and pass the “sniff test.” If you can still smell it than it needs to be rinsed again, until you can’t anymore.

Now your favorite pieces should be good as new again! It is recommended to clean your paraphernalia as often as once a week to ensure easier cleaning the next time.



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