The best times of the day to indulge in cannabis

Published Jun 12, 2020 09:00 a.m. ET
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Granted, here at Cannabis Wiki, we tend to believe that any time of day is an excellent time for a joint or a long haul from a bowl, so we may be a little bit bias on the subject. However, through experience, it really doesn’t take you long to figure out the ideal times of day to indulge in some sweet, sweet cannabis. This list is based purely off what we know about the cannabis plant, but it’s not just the times that you have to pay attention to, as the strain you choose holds just as much weight in the results of this perfect equation.

1. Fresh out of bed

When you first roll out of bed to an irritating alarm clock, the world around you is probably a little bit blurry, as you fumble your way through a morning routine while slowly waking up. We get quite good at moving through the motions of getting started for the day without really thinking, but if you haven't tried smoking weed, at this time, to see the effect that it can have, then we highly recommend it.

The thing is that you’ll need to avoid real couch locking strains that will only send you fleeing back to the comfort and warmth of your bed. Instead, what you need are weed strains that are known to give an invigorating boost. This is a feature that is common among lemon-flavored strains, as the aroma itself is quite uplifting and can help you to shake off the fuzzy feeling that you get first thing in the morning.

2. Just before any meal

This is an excellent time of day to get stoned for a few different reasons. The first is that you don’t necessarily have to feel limited to any one type of cannabis, as much of the intense effects will wear off after stuffing your face with some healthy food. The second is that it can actually help to make your food taste better, without having to refine your cooking skills further. Finally, the third and perhaps most obvious is that cannabis is known for coming paired with a good case of the munchies.

Smoking weed before a meal can help to improve your appetite, and it will also ensure the food that you take in the largest quantities are truly healthy. At mealtime, we tend to be more aware of what we’re eating and stick to healthier options than we would at in-between times when it might feel a whole lot more convenient to just reach for a close bag of chips. Plus, it feels good to get an intense rush of hunger with a platter of delicious food just moments away.

3. Immediately after any meal

Yes, we know, we’ve just said that before any meal is an excellent time, and now immediately after as well, might feel like its crossing some sort of line, particularly if you aren’t a regular toker. However, the benefits of getting high after a meal vary greatly from those that you’d receive from enjoying a few hits right before a meal because, at this point, you’re already full. That means you’re a lot less likely to feel hungry at all, even if it is a common side effect of your favourite kinds of cannabis.

The trouble is, that food requires digestion, and that tends to make us feel sleepy and a little bit lazy, so this is another excellent time to whip out an energizing strain. Something that will motivate you out of the kitchen chair, and forward towards whatever else it is that you wanted to get done throughout the day. Some of the best strains for this time come with a light and airy berry or tropical flavor, with effects that may be a bit more intense than a fresh out of bed strain.

4. After a strenuous workout

Wanting to stay in shape is something that is nearly universal, and we all chose different ways in which to do so. Some of us take brisk jogs around the block, while others spend that time in a gym or lifting weights, or out in the garden digging and ripping out weeds. There is no one way to exercise, and all of these activities will leave you feeling sore and beat at the end of the day.

With achy muscles, and a lack of motivation, you might be tempted to just collapse into bed and call it a day, but if you choose right then to take a few hits off a joint, or a nicely dosed edible, you could make all of the pain and stress melt away. However, this might take a cannabis strain that is more potent with a high THC level, so don’t be afraid to pull out the big guns like Sweet Island Skunk, or Romulan at this time of the day.

5. Before taking on boring daily chores

There are some things that just never seem to end, and we have to keep doing them if we want to maintain a healthy life. Things like dirty dishes, piles of laundry, grass that just never stops growing, and the typical errands like grocery shopping or getting the mail can feel boring and tedious, but there is one great way to get through them, and all that you need is a little bit of weed.

For this time of day, you need cannabis strains that are known for two things, keeping you motivated, and passing serious chunks of time in what seems like seconds, as you still want to have the energy to do these things without hesitation. A couple of the most popular types of cannabis that induce this effect are Strawberry Cough, Green Crack, and Space Jam, but any kind with similar characteristics will do.

6. Midafternoon


This is the part of the day where we start to feel the drag from everything that we have accomplished kicking in. Burning calories and energy will naturally leave you feeling tired, but if you give in to that sensation, then the whole day will be over before you know it, which means you aren’t likely to get much else done. However, this is yet another thing that cannabis can help with as long as you get the right type.

At this point, a bit of appetite to work towards dinner isn’t going to hurt, but
too much might have you spoiling your meal, so it’s best to avoid strains like Sour Diesel or Amnesia Haze, which are both known for making the stomach grumble. Instead, opt for strains that are closer to Girl Scout Cookies or Jack Herer, as they will help to lift your energy levels, and avoid the dreaded munchies for a few more hours.

7. A daily stroll

When it comes time to take the dog for a walk, or to head out on a little stroll through the neighborhood, it’s also an ideal section of the day to enjoy with a few hits of cannabis, but in this case, you’re going to want cannabis strains that will keep you alert and focused, while also a little bit euphoric. This might just be enough to make the flowers along the way smell better, or for the sunset to look a shade brighter, so it’s worth taking the time to spin one up before you head out.

The thing is like with any other time of the day, the kind that you use can significantly influence your perception of the experience. If you want to truly take in nature for what it’s worth, then you don’t want to be fighting off the urge to sleep. Instead, you want to feel the breeze as it brushes through your hair, and see the shine that emits from each and every star to light up the sky, and for that, you’ll want something like Cinex, Zkittlez, or Mother’s Helper.

8. In the evening

Most people spend the evening sitting in front of a television, taking in their favourite episodes, or the news, and this is one of the best times to enjoy a good buzz because, at this point, you’re pretty much done for the day which means that you can fully enjoy couch locking strains without feeling bad for not wanting to move any more than necessary.

So, if you’re sitting back and waiting for your show to start, it’s the ideal time to fall back on some of the more potent cannabis strains on the market. If this sounds like exactly the type of time you need, then you might want to stock up on some Haze or Glue strains, to help you to finish off the evening on the best note possible, with a big dose of euphoria and relaxation.

9. In the bath or jacuzzi

Most of us end the day with a good scrubbing from top to bottom to wash away the dirt from the day. Now, this normally happens in the shower, as no one wants to sit in a bathtub filled with filth and no one is going to recommend that you spark up a joint while having water sprayed all over, but right after you’ve finished with a hot wash, it’s the ideal time to get in the bath, maybe light a few candles, and of course, smoke a little bit, or a whole lot of cannabis.

There is something about the combination of hot steaming water, and a room full of therapeutic smoke, and though there is very little scientific data to back it up, many consumers claim to feel a more intense buzz while soaking in hot water which is believed to be due to an increase in blood pressure.

10. Bedtime

For occasional consumers, in particular, this is the ultimate time to get stoned, as no matter how much you smoke or which kind you choose, the effects will always be long gone by morning. This means that you can truly indulge without any fear of repercussions, and you don’t have to feel guilty doing it, because once you’re ready to hop into bed, pretty much everything you need to do is done for the day.

However, the ability to use almost any strain doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be choosy, as some of the element of cannabis like CBD can seriously impede on your quality of sleep, because they will wake you up, instead of lulling you off into a deep and restful sleep. So, try to avoid strains with high levels of CBD or limonene whenever possible, and stick with safe options like Blue Dream, Original Glue, or Death Star instead.

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