DIY guide to creating Sun Rocks and Moon Rocks

Published Jan 29, 2019 03:08 p.m. ET

What are Sun Rocks?

Sun Rocks are relatively new to the cannabis market and are essentially an improved version of Moon Rocks. A Sun Rocks bud can easily contain 50%-80% THC content. Sun rocks require all products used to be made by OG Kush.

What are Moon Rocks?

Moon rocks have been in circulation for quite a while and are made using several different high THC producing cannabis strains bud as a base. Moon Rocks contain an average of 30%-50% THC content.

How to make Sun Rocks

A sun rock strain must be pure and used to create all the ingredients required for each step of the process including oil, kief, and the buds themselves. A sunrock bud is most frequently produced by OG Kush, but any high THC content strain can be used. To make your own sun rocks, you will need just three ingredients.


  • Several OG Kush Buds
  • Extra filtered BHO Extract
  • Kief


  1. The first step is ensuring you make an extra filtered BHO Oil from the same bud you will be using.
  2. Once the oil is ready to use, you can use any metal spreading tool to coat as much of the bud as possible. You want it thick enough to be considered covered, but you should still be able to see the bud through the BHO. The purer the BHO, the more you will be able to add as it will appear more transparent and glasslike.
  3. Once coated set aside to harden. The BHO will form a casing that will harden and shine. Hardening may take 1-2 hours.
  4. Once hardened coat the remaining portion that was covered with your fingers. This should be the widest base of the bud.
  5. Dip the still fresh BHO bottom portion of the bud into kief.
  6. Allow enough time to dry approximately one to two hours before handling and smoking your fresh made Sun Rocks.

How to make Moon Rocks

Making Moon Rocks has the added benefit of being able to gather your ingredients required with the least effort since every part can be derived from a different cannabis strain. To make moon rocks, you will need three things.


  • BHO
  • Kief
  • Dried buds


  1. The bud base used in making moon rocks is usually a high THC yielding Indica strain like Girl Scout Cookies or Green Crack. Gather enough buds to create at least a few moon rocks to start.
  2. Now for the layer of BHO, since moon rocks don’t require extra filtered BHO, the concentrate will more often than not be dark and impossible to see through. You can coat your buds with either a spreading tool or by dipping each one into the BHO.
  3. As you dip each one, you will want to coat it in a layer of kief or crystals until it is evenly coated enough to handle without getting your fingers sticky.
  4. If there is still any exposed portion of bud redip and coat in kief once more.
  5. Allow drying for at least two hours to harden for the best experience.

Sun Rocks vs Moon Rocks

The question of which one is better depends heavily on the user’s tolerance and preference. Both have pros and cons. For instance, moon rocks are easy to make because they don’t require any extra processing and can be made using ingredients from various sources. Moon Rocks are also a lighter version making it easier to smoke for the average user. While Sun Rock kush take longer to make due to the extra processing and require all products to be created using the same strain which is not easily accomplished for some, it also contains an extremely high THC content that many people feel is worth the extra work. Unfortunately, the high THC content it has creates a much rougher toke which can be difficult for irregular uses to manage. Overall the facts seem to point towards Sun Rocks as being the highest quality, most visually appealing and most expensive of the two.



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