Plants that look like marijuana

Published Mar 25, 2019 01:28 p.m. ET

Here are a few plants that could pass as a marijuana look alike:

The Texas Star: is often compared to the marijuana plant. The Texas Star hails from Asia and from a distance some people might confuse it with cannabis. The resemblance is only noticeable in the early stages of growth. After that the plant turns into a beautiful vibrant scarlet colored flower that resembles a star in its shape.

The Coral plant: take a look at its leaves, they are very similar to the leaves of a cannabis plant. Be careful, don’t try to smoke this plant as it is poisonous.

The Cranberry Hibiscus: its leaves can be mistaken for the leaves of the marijuana plant except they are red in color.

Cassava: leaves are the only part on the plant that resembles the cannabis plant as we know it. The palmate leaves of the cassava plant may fool some people.

Kenaf: looks like the marijuana plant before it blooms. Before the Kenef plant blooms, you would be convinced that the plant is marijuana. To be definite, you would need to rely on your sense of smell and even do a lab test for THC if you want to be sure that this is not weed that you are holding.


If you have a tree that looks like marijuana when you are looking at the leaves, you probably have a Chaste Tree in your yard. Its leaves have 5-7 narrow leaflets on them while looking at the cannabis plant, you may also see 7-9 leaflets on the plant.

Australian Bastard Cannabis is a mutation of the marijuana plant. This 5 leaf marijuana plant is hairless and the point on the leaves are no more than few centimeters long. Identifying the marijuana plant by leaves can be confusing if your plant presents with three leaves it could be an indication of a problem that can happen when the plant is going through its growth stages.

Three leaves on the plant indicate that the plant is suffering from some type of stress. The problem with a 3 leaf marijuana plant is that it may be indication that the plant has started into the flowering stage, then for some reason, the plant stopped that stage of moving forward. The plant then decided to revert to its vegetative growth stage. Sometimes if this is happening the visual result will be seen in the leaves of the cannabis plant as it grows.

Well my friend, make sure you are picking a cannabis plant that you have in the garden and not the coral plant, remember it is poisonous. Pick your favorite strain; I’m not sure that 3-13 leaves on the plant make a big difference to me. I’m going to pick my strain, roll a joint and take a walk around the garden and see if there are any more plants that are attempting to masquerade as the green goddess, the cannabis plant. Be careful and enjoy!



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