Nine different ways - how to grind up weed without a grinder

Published Jan 29, 2019 03:02 p.m. ET

While grinders seem to be everywhere, we can’t always remember to bring one when we really need it. Since stoners have been grappling with this problem for years there have been quite a few unique ideas and tools that have come about. If you are wondering how to roll a joint without a grinder, then you are in the right place. Here are nine unique ways on how to grind weed without a grinder handy.

1. By hand

The most traditional method of grinding with no grinder is to grind up weed by hand. When using your hands, it’s best to begin with sterile hands so give them a good washing first. To pull apart weed by hand place one bud the size that you want to grind onto a table or flat surface in front of you. Using pinching motions with both hands’ pointer fingers, pull apart the bud piece by piece until they are all fine cannabis grounds.

2. Shot glass and scissors

Another popular choice for how to grind up weed without a grinder is a shot glass and small pair of scissors. Ideally, a pair that had blades the same depth as the shot glass. Drop a bud into the center of the glass and then take your scissors to it. With fast snipping motions this method goes fast and is a time saver. With the added bonus of keeping all of your grind completely contained.  

3. Chopping board and knife

You know those infomercials where you see a chef finely chopping up an onion on a cutting board? That’s sort of the effect you are going to want to achieve here only you want to have to worry about chopping any fingers off. Begin by placing one bud onto a chopping board and finding the sharpest knife you have available. Because a bud is so small you can rest your hand overtop of the knife and use both hands to apply pressure while keeping the bud and chopping motions contained

4. Container and one coin

Just like the shot glass method, this one uses a small container and a large coin to break apart the bud. Drop your bud into the smallest container you have that a loonie or toonie can comfortably fit into. Use the coin by holding it between your thumb and pointer finger and press down into the bud. This will slowly cut it apart.

5. Pestle and mortar

A pestle and mortar is an ancient tool used to grind up dried herbs. It is both a bowl, and a crushing hand piece. To use simply place a bud into the center and use the hand piece to crush the buds into the gritty bottom of the bowl. Just be careful, this method can turn a bud into powder in no time.


6. Cheese grater

The one piece of kitchen gear almost every household has is a cheese grater. Ideally you want the finest grater possible. Take a bud in your hand and rub it against the grates just as you would with cheese until it’s gone.

7. Blender

Learning how to grind weed with a blender is incredibly simple and efficient especially for those who may want to grind up larger amounts. Put as much dried herb as you would like to grind into a blender that has been equipped with its finest blade. Put on high until the bud reaches a grind you are happy with.

8. Coffee grinder

Many folks wondering about grinding without a grinder don’t realize that a coffee grinder will produce the very same effect. Coffee grinders can be used by filling the compartment with bud and holding a button until it reaches the desired grind.  

9. Shaker

A shaker is made by using a sealable container and a large rock or coin that has enough room to move about the container freely. Put the bud and either a rock or a coin into the container. Seal it and shake it as hard as you can for 2-3 minutes. While maybe not ideal this method of grinding weed without a grinder, it is a lifesaver when you have nothing else on hand.

We recognize that grinding with a real cannabis grinder is always preferred, but some of the methods have saved the day for hundreds if not thousands of stoners over the years. Give each one a try, we guarantee you will never stress over grinding weed without a grinder again.



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